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Tuesday, May 03, 2016

If you're a fan of books, art, coffee, AND good food, you'll love it here. Buku Buku Kafe is located at The District Mall in Imus Cavite. It is a farrr far away place, but definitely worth the byahe.

I came from Les Mis in Solaire before going to the venue. I wasn't expecting anything, just a quiet night and good dinner with some of my blog friends. Christine and I arrived first, so we were able to try the kamote chips before anyone else. I really think it is addicting! The two other rides arrived eventually, and the food trip + photo shoot commenced!

I love every corner of Buku Buku Kafe. Sabi ko nga, it's the "dream coffee shop".

Art works from independent artists are also for sale near the counter:

Early birds! With Christine:

People can post their own drama on the "Hugot Board":

I read some of them. Araykupo, hehe:

Photos and books here and there. I love the ceiling of books!

Board games, community board, and vintage decorations:

Now on to the food. As I've said earlier, I came with no expectations. I thought that we're just going to a normal cafe with different coffee and cakes, plus pasta and sandwiches in the menu. But Buku Buku Kafe offers more than what is expected! They serve unique, well-thought-out dishes.

This was our appetizer, Lord Green, malunggay with cheese dip served with assorted breads, kamote chips, and crackers. Craving for this now! :p

This one's the Romi Lamen, an inventive fusion dish using lomi noodles for a bowl of ramen. I like this, a must-try!

A thoughtful treat, they also served me this yummy bowl of Fruits and Nuts. Everything's fresh, which makes a lot of difference!

Pesto Bicolano:

Drunken Sea:

Buk Burger:

Coffee Menu, which I'll try next time:

Other drinks, I like the Ginger Beer!

The also serve cocktails at night. Ang daming klase!

Summer special:


It was a cool experience! Of course, it wouldn't have been this fun if not for this great company. :)

An interesting tidbit is that during some days, the place also turns into a platform for artists. They hold live performances in the venue, catering to bands, Spoken Word artists, and even crafting workshops. Their goal is to gather the creatives from the south, and be a venue that supports independent artists. Ang daming ganito sa north, so it's about time we have one in the south! Head over to the cafe on May 12 for the grand launch!

Delicious breads and pastries they gave us before we left the cafe:

Thank you to the lovely family of Buku Buku Kafe!
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  1. This place is my next destination. I live in Alabang and there's just not enough hipster coffee shops here. This place is just a 15 minute drive away so I am totally going to host boardgame night here.


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