Monday, May 02, 2016

I had a crazy day in Makati Coliseum last April 22 as the Vote M&M's 2016 Campaign heated up at the Miting de Avance!

Arrived at the venue with my "kalabans", hahaha!
Paul for Yellow M&M's, Zed for Green M&M's, and yours truly for RED M&M's! :)

M&M's overload! This cute arch decorated the entrance:

When we arrived, the place was almost jam-packed:

There were several on-going games:

I looked for my teammates, and settled with them near the stage - complete with tarps, banners, and red pom-poms!

The event's host, BNO's Alex Calleja, introduced the three "Candydates". He was amazed by Red M&M's props and energy! Haha!

Guests cheered upon the grand entrance of Red, Yellow, and Green, who all just came from a Motorcade around Makati! Cute!

Then they went on to wow the crowd as they danced, debated, and posed with fans:

It was a riot! Here's how they answered questions during the debate: Through visuals and actions!

"Last year, the M&M's Characters had a fantastic time visiting the Philippines' most popular tourist sites. Red, Yellow, and Green loved it here so much that they couldn't resist coming back and bringing their own brand of spontaneous fun to the elections," said Henry Azcarraga, Mars Chocolate, Philippines Country Director.

Sir Henry, posing with the three Candydates:

Orange and Blue M&M's also made an appearance! Cute!

Then, all the guests picked their favorite M&M's:

Can you guess who won!? Of course, it's Red M&M's! Yehey!

Help us win the online elections too by posting on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram "I vote RED #MMSRED!" 

M&M's and CASH prizes will be given away to online voters!

You can also check out our team's giveaway on my Instagram #AnagonGiveaway. We're giving away a Closeup Forever Summer VIP ticket!

Voting is till May 15 only! For more information on the campaign, like M&M's Philippines on FACEBOOK!

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