Japan-Themed Make Your Own Havaianas 2016

Monday, May 02, 2016

I'm so sad for posting this too late. :( Hope you saw the Instagram posts about this year's MYOH, and was able to avail their cool pins and limited edition flip-flops! Here's what happened during their press launch in SM Megamall.

As always, year after year, a summer isn't complete without going to a Make Your Own Havaianas event. For this year, their theme is something that I really love: JAPAN.

Hay, sa totoo lang, it's so hard to choose! They have Ramen, Beer, Sakura, Robot, and Sushi Pins!!!

Press kits were wrapped in cloth, Japanese style!

To complete the experience, Japanese food were served to the guests, of course.

They served sake, which tastes good! I have to try this in Japan next month.

After the refreshments, I went to the booth where we can have our Havaianas assembled. Thank you to the lovely MYOH 2016 crew for their patience and hard work!

Okay, so as much as I want to load my slippers with all the Japanese pins, I settled for just the cherry blossoms:

Thanks Erika!

And finally, here's my 2016 Havaianas flip-flops! My inspiration? A beautiful spring day in Japan: Cherry blossoms against blue skies.

They also have an area for flatlays. Uploaded mine on Instagram @anagon.

Stamps station c/o Life After Breakfast's Alessa Lanot:

 Posing by the bottles of sake:

 Congrats and Domo Arigato, Havaianas Philippines! :)

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