Adults Take-Over KidZania!

Monday, May 02, 2016

To thank the people who've been supportive of their brand, Oishi held a thanksgiving event for the media, their brand ambassadors, and online winners in one of the places I've been so curious about for a long time: KIDZANIA. In a way, this was my only chance to enter this kid's world without all the "no adults allowed" rules to worry about. And so I went for it...

The lobby area amazed me right away: it's a mini airport! They have a waiting area:

Check-in counter:

Where I received my wristband and a BPI cheque (in KidZos currency, hehe).

Located at the Fort, KidZania (keed-zahn-ya, not keed-zey-nya) is a place where children can practice "adulting". Back in the 90s, we had "Kids At Work", haha! I miss that place.

First agenda: To en-cash our cheque in BPI:

They stopped Paul from taking photos inside the bank, hahaha! Legit na legit!

To maximize our time, we took the tour bus around KidZania to see a preview of the whole city. We also learned about KidZania's way of saying hello ("Kai!") and saying good bye ("Z-U!").

In a nutshell, KidZania puts together different establishments where the youngsters can work, learn, earn (in KidZos), and live independently as if they're adults.

They have their own Tax Office:
A park, where you can learn about H&M Conscious' advocacy:

Star Music for those who want to perform:

Inquirer's news desk: 

And even a Supreme Court! We tried this just for kicks, hi Leo! 

Acted as the prosecution lawyer (with script), where I defended a tarsier! Hehehe. It was a few minutes of loosening up and just have fun.

Saw this LBC kid deliver a package, cute!

McDo workers created burgers:

Fire fighters rescued a burning hotel:

I even got a (temporary) tattoo using the KidZos that I earned at the supreme court! Hehe!

Paul got the paw-print, while mine's a butterfly, haha.

Meanwhile, Oishi's Creative Hub encourages the kids to conceptualize their own snacks.

A product development activity, participants come up with their own Oishi snack from its flavor, base, down to its packaging design!

I really like Oishi's packaging, lahat cute and very creative! My favorites are their Oaties drink packaging, and the new Mobster's Caramel and Cheese Popcorn. I also love Smart C, Sponge, and Gourmet Picks, etc. They're my top picks whenever I do my grocery shopping! 

I'm always an Oishi kid at heart.

With Oishi's Cherie Gaw and my blog friend Paul:

Thank you, Oishi! :) 
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