Korea: Petite France + The Garden of Morning Calm

Friday, May 13, 2016

After Nami Island, we rode the Gapyeong City Tour Bus to avail their one-day unlimited hop-on, hop-off rides around the city for only 6000 Won (Php 238, just purchase ticket from the driver).

Our next stop was at Petite France, a place I had been super curious about for a long, long time. We got there around 20 minutes from Nami Island. Had to wake up Tracy from her siesta, hehe.

I love the little details:

Entrance ticket to Petite France is at 6000 Won, or 4000 Won for teens, kids, and seniors. I think there's no need to purchase in advance, there were few people in line when we got there. You can also check out this Nami Island and Petite France in One Day tour package.

Everything looks unreal to me! A dream pastels village, the solar system hangs in cable wires:

What made me curious about Petite France is why in Korea? I didn't know that they have a thing for this novel!

A French cultural village set in Korean countryside, Petite France is dedicated to one of the most TIMELESS French novel that I love: Le Petit Prince. It is like a Little Prince theme park!

I've read mixed reviews about Petite France online, some got bored, while others recommend 2 hours of stay. It is actually a small, "photogenic" village - so we took a lot of pictures. If you're a fan of The Little Prince, every corner is heaven.

Had coffee, of course, at the Baobab:

I had potato wedges and iced coffee. Unlike the other days, that day was just "sweater weather".

While Paul ordered cafe americano and a waffle:

I think we overstayed here just to rest, then took turns in shooting each other's ootds.

Found a lot of Little Prince-themed "photo walls" here and there:

Aside from The Little Prince references, Petite France is also the location for a lot of the romantic scenes from Korean dramas:

They also have a Saint-Exupery Memorial Hall (author of The Little Prince), France Traditional House Exhibition Hall, an Antique Exhibit Hall, a Marionette Dance Performance, a Puppet Play, etc. 

We also searched for the souvenir shop:

They have Little Prince phone cases, caps, cups, and other merchandise. Bought stationery and a magnet.

The outdoor theater, where you can watch plays on special days, or just hangout:

And then we went up just to get a bird's eye view of the whole pastels village:

The best Petite France picture that I took, I think:

"You become responsible forever for what you've tamed. You're responsible for your rose." WHEW! Ang original "hugot", haha! What's your favorite Little Prince quote?

After a while, we went out and waited for the Gapyeong City Tour Bus again for our final stop: The Garden of Morning Calm. It was a long bus ride again (around 50 minutes), so Paul, Tracy, and I just slept.

We got there a bit too late. Before this trip, I already saw pictures of the garden at night, and it looks UNREAL because of all the lights. When we got there though, they told us that they're closing in 30 minutes (huhuhu whyyyy), but offered us discounted tickets nalang (7000 Won from 9000 Won). 

Visit early, or be conscious of your time when you visit Nami + Petite France. Sayang we were rushing na while walking around Garden of Morning Calm, had no time to appreciate it and explore the whole vicinity. :p

All good though, at least we were able to accomplish everything in our day's itinerary. We rode the same bus that took us here (the driver waited for us in the parking, and less than 10 lang kami nun a!), and were dropped off back at the Cheongpyeong Station. 

During the train rides to our place in Myeongdong, we debated on a good dinner to end this perfect day. :)

To be continued..
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  1. How come The Garden of the Morning Calm was already closing, Ate Ana? Can't you visit it at night?

    1. I have no idea, nakakaloka. I researched and saw may night shots ang garden so I thought hanggang gabi sya :(

  2. what time po kayo umalis ng garden of morning calm?

  3. anong oras po kayo umalis ng garden of morning calm?

  4. Hello po! I just want to ask, nag avail po ba sila ng tour package for Nami Island+Petit France+Garden of Morning Calm... Or kayo lang po ang nagpunta without any help from toir agencies? We're going to Korea po this Feb, and kasama po yan sa itinerary namin... Thank you po

    1. Ako lang nag punta mag isa, but if you want mas convenient and save time ok din kumuha ng package / agency :) Medyo tipid din sya kesa maligaw. :) Thank you!


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