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Friday, May 13, 2016

I first learned about CLEAN fragrances from a friend who said this perfume will give you the "fresh out of the shower" smell. I tried it out of curiousity, and liked its soapy scent since then.

"Our name is our promise". 

CLEAN Perfume is a simple and pure alternative to the over-complicated, over-powering designer scents in the market. It could be worn comfortably by everyone (unisex), anytime anywhere. It provides freshness, and the feel and smell of CLEAN.

The Classic scents are now followed by another exciting line: The CLEAN Reserve.

CLEAN Reserve changes the way you experience fragrance. All of the NINE scents has its own story, highlighting the perfumers and its raw ingredients. They promote SUSTAINABILITY and eco-consciousness not only in their packaging, but also in the ingredients, the life of their farmers, and the over-all creation of the perfume. I like that side of the brand, actually.

Clutter-free, no heaviness, no complexities... All you're left with is CLEAN.

Check out the nine CLEAN Reserve scents HERE.

The Philippine launch was held at the Black Bird restaurant in Makati Avenue last May 12, 2016. They served us really good food, and even a vegetarian meal for me!

The bloggers discovered more about the brand and its promise during the intimate program. Learn more how a bottle of CLEAN is produced in the most earth friendly ways HERE.

We ended the event with a floral arrangement activity:

My favorite from CLEAN Reserve is the popular Warm Cotton. I can't pinpoint, but it smells like mom's fresh laundry or a favorite basic hand soap. Meanwhile, I took home Velvet Flora. I was hesitant about it at first, it smells strong and woody (not floral, which I assumed because of its name, haha). But at home when I tried it again, I liked it pala. It smells "sophisticated" and "confident" and even "brave". From reading, I learned that the perfumer of Velvet Flora was inspired by an aura of EFFORTLESS ELEGANCE and POISE.

"An AUTHENTIC, sophisticated, and sexy fragrance that exudes brightness and confidence. This scent is filled with delightful warmth that illuminates throughout." - Steven Claisse, Senior Perfumer, Takasago.

 A few more key points: I realized that CLEAN's scent is long lasting. It is also non-irritating, and something that you can spray on with other perfume (layering) to create a new fragrance for the day. A 100mL bottle costs Ph 4600 at the SM Makati Beauty Section, but I think they have an on-going special "double discount" so go for it! :)

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