Seoul Forest + Ewha Uni + Insadong + Cheonggyecheon Stream

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Down to our last full day in Korea, we decided to go to one of the parks from our research to check out the cherry blossom trees (since that's the ultimate purpose of this Spring trip!). 

Hello there! Spring is my current favorite season. Perfect weather, perfect view!

Seoul Forest

Not usually a part of Korea itineraries, we went to Seoul Forest because of the beautiful photos that appear whenever you Google it. It's also super accessible (may sarili syang train station).

They are grooming Seoul Forest into a premium city park ala Central Park and Hyde Park, and it is actually super HUGE! Good thing there are signs and maps here and there for easy navigation.

There are 5 parks within Seoul Forest's vicinity, including the Cultural Art Park, Ecological Forest, Nature Experiencing Study Field, Wetlands Ecological Field, and the Hangang River Waterside Park. With no definite plans, Tracy and I just walked and walked, and took lots of photos because every corner is so beautiful!

Seoul Forest is open 24/7, so it's a convenient stop-over on your Seoul tour. In a way, it's a break from malls and temples. Activities include deer feeding, butterfly experience hall, biking and trekking paths, an insect garden, and even picnic areas. My kind of thang! Haha!

Sharing some photos! I have a LOT, so even if I'm flooding you now, wala pa to sa kalahati! Haha!

Flowers and greeneries everywhere!

Parang may shooting! We lingered a bit.. Hehe!

I envy them... I hope we also have nice free parks here in Manila. People go here to bike, bring their kids on the playground, and do leisurely activities away from their gadgets and outside their homes.

Finally saw the deer feeding area, ang daming cute kids on a field trip!

Pellets are sold in this booth at 1000 Won per cup:

We just watched the kids feed the deers:

We left Seoul Forest from another exit, so we had a hard time looking for the subway. We walked and walk, asked around, and were told na malapit lang ang next station. Ang malapit pala sa kanila, super layo padin! :D 

Anyway, the walkway naman has a nice view, and saktong naburn din ang kimchi + rice calorie intake ko from the past days! Hehe, so all good!

Super galing na subway violin performer, para akong nasa K-Drama!

Next stop...

Ewha Womans University

I find it amusing that schools are part of Korea itineraries. I actually crossed this out, had no interest, but at the last minute Tracy said that we're going!

The streets were busy since we went there on a school day. I love the hustle!

Decided to have lunch first:

The place we chose is very Japan! Lots of Japanese toys were on display in almost every corner:

I had, yet again, another Vegetable Curry meal:

Cute fur babies as window display! I watched their tummies rise and fall, but when I looked at them closely.. They are actually just stuffed toys! Ang tagal naming inanalyze to, haha!

After the good meal, we walked along with the students to the university:

Ewha Womans Univesity is a private school in Seoul. Founded in 1886 by American Methodist Episcopal, Ewha is interestingly the world's largest female educational institute!

The campus is open for all, except for the school buildings. Saw some visitors with tripods holding a photo shoot:

The popular steps:

Architecture game on-point!

The church:

Took a school paper, for remembrance:

As we headed out, Tracy and I bought backpacks from a street vendor. They are so cute and roomy, can fit a laptop!

What a steal! :) Also, I think it is the perfect remembrance for visiting a country's university.


We already passed by Insadong days prior this, but Tracy insisted we go back when shops are all open. Insadong is an artsy neighborhood with mostly galleries, restaurants, Korean souvenir shops, and teahouses.

With plans to dress up in Korean traditional costume, we went in this building with huge tarp signage to check it out. The building is located right smack in the middle of Insadong, store name is "Ohnelharuhanbuk Rental Shop" and is at the 4th floor. They are open from 10am to 8pm.

Rental fee is a bit expensive (13,000 / 4 hours, 26,000 / 24 hours), but we haggled to get it at half the time with discount. Minsan lang din naman, so go nadin!

More information:

Ladies trying out the different hanbok styles. The store also offers hanbok for men.

Locker area where you can leave your bags and clothes:

They have a good selection of Jeogori (tops):

And Chima, or the poofy skirts (worn with petticoat layer for more volume!)

Change in their dressing rooms, ask help since the hanbok pieces can be puzzling.

Finishing touches! They helped me pick the right accessories for my outfit, and then braided my hair for the perfect look:

Lol at my selfie face, hehe!

And off we go! :)

Hanboks were worn during the Joseon period, but to this day, South Korea's tourism encourages their citizens to wear their traditional costume with pride by creating a "Hanbok Day". They also wear this for semi-formal and formal festivals. It looks beautiful, with its vibrant colors and distinct shape.

I like my hair style and accessory:

During our walk around Insadong, I can't help but act a bit more demure while wearing their national costume. It's crazy that people were even asking to take their photos with us! Nakakaartista! Haha! We also looked for quaint spots for photo shoots (they have a lot in Insadong, buti nalang!). The dress felt heavy, and even cold. We were rushing back to the rental place after around 2 hours.

Tired and fulfilled, Tracy and I looked for the Cheonggyecheon Stream, another tourist destination, and our final stop. The stream is seven miles long, where locals and tourists alike sit, rest, and eat:

Finally, we went back to Myeongdong for dinner. Panda Express!!!

It was also my first time to try BAKE Cheese Tart. BEST CHEESE TART EVER. You have to try this, should have bought more! :p

Akkkk! I'm so happy it's from Japan! I'm rushing my Korea blog posts now (sorry) because tomorrow I'm going back to the land of Studio Ghibli, ramen, and Harajuku! I am so so exciteeed! :p

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