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Friday, July 01, 2016

Ahhh.. Japan! There's a reason why I brought a "pang States" maleta and automatically adjusted my baggage limit to 30 kilos for this trip. I will endure lugging this around train stations' staircase down to every street, because I know myself too well: Gagastos at gagastos ako! Lol.

I just transferred all 2000++ photos I accumulated in my camera for my 8-day Japan trip. And just like the last time, I will start my intro post with the easiest kwento: My Japanagon Round 2 Haul. 

Hope you enjoy! :)

There's so much to see and do (and eat!) in Japan, but it is IMPOSSIBLE to not make any purchase! Aside from unique kawaii finds, you'll also most likely realize how CHEAPER the prices are than what you expected them to be! Sipag lang sa pag hanap and pag tatanong, and at the counter make sure to ask if the store offers tax deductions (bring you passport) to tourists! Para more more discounts!

1) Designer Bags - My pinaka pinaka favorite personal purchase are these vintage / thrifted Celine and Herve Chapelier bags. CELINE!!! I had ZERO plans in buying big ticket items for this trip, but Japan is heaven for 2nd hand branded pieces and ang hirap mag pikit mata. And most of them are in mint condition. I spent more or less just Php 10,000 only for these TWO bags na! HOW CAN I NOT DIBA!?

Some recommended second hand stores in Japan that sell designer labels: Komehyo, RagTag, Brand-Off, and aNiKi in Shibuya. You're welcome!

Not designer, but I also bought these Mango bags for my sisters because they are cute and on super sale (less than Php 1000)!

2) Studio Ghibli Merchandise - Since I don't have Ghibli Museum tickets (huhu), binawi ko nalang sa merchandise. Found a store at the Yokohama Landmark Plaza. Last year I got a Jiji keychain, for this trip it's the Cat Bus! :D

My haul. As Kaila puts it, Ghibli is the Disney of Japan! That's why they are well-loved, and are everywhere!

Read my Ghibli Museum experience last year HERE

3) Postcards from a street artist in Nara - I have a soft spot for artists and vendors, and this guy we chanced upon while nakiki-internet kami sa labas ng Family Mart (lol) was passionate for both. Everything's handmade down to his calling card and packaging. I enjoy supporting these artists because somehow I relate to them (passion ang puhunan). It's my way of encouraging them to continue what they're doing.

4) My name carved in Kanji (Japanese writing) in a Senjafuda - I know this is a useless purchase, but it's too cool and traditional at the same time - I just have to have one! We found the store in Kyoto, on our way to the Kiyomizu-Dera Temple. We took the route na hindi ma-tao, so I guess meant to be!

You can even choose your Senjafuda's size, type of wood, front and back accents, and color of lace.

Ana Gonzales in Cherry Blossom Tree wood, with cherry blossom accents. Di ako adik sa cherry blossoms, hehe.

Meron din si Johnny Depp:

They will even give the meaning of the characters of your name: Ana Gonzales is Love and Elegance, naks!

5) Random Accessories - Silk neck scarf, black bow tie, heart sunglasses, and metal rimmed eyeglasses. Not in photo is a tan cap I bought in Daiso when it rained, for only Php 45!

6) Monki!!! - New brand discovery in Harajuku, super love Monki's street style fashion, sa presyong abot kaya! Lol. Thanks Sarah for the reco!

6) Drugstore finds - Like in Korea, you'll find drugstore and beauty wastelands in every corner of Japan. Although hindi ko maintindihan most of the labels, it's Japan - so expect high quality products at inexpensive prices.

What I got: A roll-on Salonpas (!) and the usual strips Salonpas because super sakit ng katawan everyday from all the long walks and pag buhat ng bags, Ashley's recommended blue Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Essence with SPF 50+, a cool black bandaid for my paltos (huhu), and Vina's Liese bubble hair color in Marshmallow Brown.

7) GU - Still my favorite Japanese retail brand for casual wear! Dito nabuang ang Tatlong Bibe, haha! Uniqlo style and quality, but at almost half the price!


Sarah is in love with GU and tax refunds, hehe:

8) Wasteland!!! - Bought so much anik-anik in Japan wastelands to revive my Instagram shop @shopanagon! Wastelands sell random cute things that you want but don't necessarily need, haha! An example of Manila wastelands are Tickles and Japan Home (88 Pesos Store). My favorites whenever I'm in Japan: Daiso, Flying Tiger, Tokyu Hands, Loft, and Don Quijote. 

Yup, bought a Doraemon onesie for no reason, hahaha! I'm sure I'll wear this din someday! :D

Cute heart and moustache sponge, para ganahan sa household chores, hehehe.

9) Japanese Snacks - I've read somewhere na try lang ng try ng different Japanese snacks while you're there dahil lahat sila masarap! So whenever we drop by a minimart (Lawson, 7Eleven, or Family Mart), I purchase a random pack of chocolate or chips! I also select random drinks from their vendo machines in between our commutes. 

These are just some of the snacks na nauwi ko, they also sell a variety in Don Quixote!

10) WEGO - Another brand discover, WEGO is like the Hot Topic of Japan! They sell cool clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories for both men and women, and even have a section with curated second hand clothes.. Hindi mo mahahalatang ukay part na sya!

BONUS: My favorite shopping districts in Japan - Ginza, and Takeshita Street in Harajuku!

 Anyway, there's still so much to share! Although it's already my second time in Japan, I don't think magsasawa ako sa kanya anytime soon. Now I get why people go back here almost every year! Next time talaga, will focus more on Tokyo dahil palagi ako nabibitin. More travel photos on my Instagram #Japanagon // #Japaxsana (hashtag with my travel buddies Pax and Sarah)! :)

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  1. OMG Beb!! Sobrang Dami kong gusto SA post mo!!! Haha makes me want to jump on a plane! :) love your hauls!

  2. kaloooookaaaa! tokyo, i will see you again!!! hahaha

  3. Gusto ko magcomment ng "Mine" or "Reserve" sa mga photos mo here. Hehe

    1. Hahaha bentahin ba yehey! 😬😬😬


    nagsscroll lang ako while in a meeting ugh HAHAHAHA

  5. Oh! My favorite are the postcards and the custom wooden charms! I have a softspot for custom and handmade things.

    1. I like them too, thank you! :D They are meaningful knick-knacks to me :)

  6. HUHU sayang - sana I read this before our trip last April! I didnt know about any of these!! HUHU. Oh well, at least I got to save LOL. Pero sayaaaang! Loved this, Ana! Ang saya nung trip niyo!!

    1. Hahaha when you know na about these deliks na ang budget! :D Hahaha! Thanks for dropping by the blog Shari!!!

  7. OMG same reaction as you guys when we visited GU (recommended by our jap friend) it was everything I never knew I needed (ay) hahaha but seriously I wish we have it here. Pati sobrang saya ng harajuku and other shops na navisit niyo :( I only had a day in tokyo non eh spent at disneyland so medj di sulit. (Sorry TMI na ata) hopefully, I get to go back ulit! I'll refer to this post of yours next time. Thank u!! ❤️

    1. Diba! GU is the best, haha!
      Still bitin for me even though we had 3 days in Tokyo.. Ako naman mag Disney Sea next time.. And also more districts and side-trips!
      Thanks for this message, I enjoy learning and interacting with people who've been to Japan nadin. :)


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