Coron in 35 Minutes

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

"Mas mabilis pa ata ang flight kesa byahe along EDSA!"

Heard this as we landed smoothly in Busuanga's Francisco B. Reyes Airport for our three-day adventure in Coron. Mas mabilis pa kesa sa byahe ko papuntang airport, sa totoo lang! :D

It was my second time in Coron, and first time to ride SkyJet Airlines. The experience was an instant treat! I realized that I've been so used to budget airlines, that every little thing counts.

Here's how our flight went...

We met up in NAIA Terminal 4 around 2 hours before our departure schedule. Although I was cramming and packed my bags just that morning, and can't find my contact lenses so had to side-trip pa to the mall, I miraculously was still the first one to arrive! Takot lang ata ako mag Pak Ganern Challenge pag na-late, hehe!

Flight was delayed for around 30 minutes because of runway congestion, so we had snacks, introductions, and Pokemon Go 101, lels. Before we knew it, it was boarding time already!

The bloggers and vloggers ready for the BEST island in the WORLD! WOOT!

Skyjet Airlines is the Philippines' FIRST boutique leisure airline:

Their aircrafts utilize a fleet of 80-seater British Aerospace Jet, which is THE SAME aircraft used by Queen Elizabeth, Prince William, and the rest of the British Royal Family. Bongga!

Feeling royalty with my bff Paul, hehehe! So happy we get to travel again!

Seatmates with Ruth and Paul. Since the flight was less than an hour, we barely slept so chikahan nalang and took lots of photos:

Also, Pokemon Go before departing, haha:

Love SkyJet's leg-room, that even 5'10 Ruthie approves! This goes for everybody, with no extra fees!

Mamshies on the other side: Ms. Cheena, vlogger Wil (Owmaygaaawg!"), Cha Ocampo, and Justin Vawter:

SkyJet is also equipped with 4-engines, making it one of the SAFEST aircraft in the world!

Of course, before take-off, more safety precautions from SkyJet's reading materials and FA Gela: 

The BAE... Also called the WHISPER JET due to its quiet engines:

SkyJet Airlines is committed to give its passengers the boutique airline experience and value for money. I read that they serve gourmet food, free flowing champagne, and mints during their flights! 

Since our flight is less than an hour, I was surprised that they still served us snacks and drinks:

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More FYI:

1) SkyJet Airlines only has three destinations, including Caticlan Boracay (30mins), Busuanga Palawan (35mins), and Basco Batanes (70mins).

2) Inclusive in your airfare is a baggage allowance of 10kg Check-In and 5kg Hand-Carry, and even your Travel Insurance!

3) SkyJet Airlines' VIP aircraft is widely used in London City Airport due to its S.T.O.L. features (Short Take-Off / Landing), perfect for the Philippines' small island airports with short runways.

Before we knew it, I can already see Palawan!

While the other passengers got off the plane, they allowed the bloggers to take photos inside the aircraft before heading out, yehey!

Me to Ruth: Alam mo ba para saan tong mga to!? 

Pindot nalang tayo kahit saan! 

It was rainy when we went out, true to Angel's weather app predictions. Thank you SkyJet for the safe trip even with this kind of weather! 

They handed us umbrellas as we walked to the airport and claimed our luggages:

Welcoming committee c/o The Funny Lion!

View from outside our shuttle ride provided by the hotel:

We arrived in less than an hour, and had enough time for "heavy snacks" (haha!), check-in, freshen up, and start our day in the island.

Saw this on my bed at The Funny Lion:

More on our activities, where we stayed in Coron, and the people I was with on my next post! :) We were an interesting mix, and I think that's what made this trip extra memorable!

Special thanks to SkyJet Airlines, The Funny Lion, and Kuya Melo of Out of Town Blog for making this trip possible! :)

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