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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

I don't know how my parents are doing it! In my generation, one year is already "long term" relationship status. But with mom and dad, they boast their 30+ years of marriage...hindi pa kasama pre-wedding years nila.

I hate to admit that I am scared of how unstable relationships are now. It gives me minor anxieties, being alone feels more comfortable. My friends who are in a relationship for 10+ years will say that it's not that there were no bumps along the way. No formulas will help, and we will all encounter different cases with different persons, but still, I asked some of them to share pieces of advice for couples na nagkaka-sawaan na. Read on!

"Try something new together, participate in different activities, travel someplace new, or get involved in charities." - Seph, dating with partner for more than 4 years.

"There's no such thing as no time. Always make time for each other and talk about everything. I think it's what long time or even new couples forget - talking heart to heart. And go on spontaneous dates!" - Ava, 9 years with husband.

"Always remember what made you first fall in love with the person." - Sarah, 11 years with partner.

For this couple, Rodel and Louie, it's all about finding a new interest - something that they can do regularly together.

And guess what they chose to do?

...FITNESS! I actually like this idea not only because you get to spend time with your partner more, or para balik-alindog kayo and you're both more fit, but also because we are not getting any younger! 

Health is wealth, and at least regular exercise is a first step to this! Other than that, it's nice to have a mutual goal with your partner, it takes your mind away from other things.

Watch Rodel and Louie's interview here:

I like what Rodel said in the end: He's keeping himself healthy so he get to spend more years with Louie, because he loves her. Hay, may forever!

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  1. Thanks for the advices. Do you think that I could use it on some dating service on the internet? I've just registered on this website and I don't really know what to do there.


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