Tuesday, September 27, 2016

I've been a painfully shy girl, but if there's one thing that I discovered that I can do to express myself well.. It's through writing.

I've always kept a diary since I was in grade 1, writing (or doodling!) thoughts and random things that I wouldn't want to forget. I remember so fondly how I write things in scraps of paper, and keep them in a box at home. It's weird, but hey, when I think about it.. it was also one of my first ways of "blogging" my life!

From a diary writer, I learned how to be more open with having other people read my writings. I took up journalism in college, where articles are criticized day in and out. I also freelanced as writer for publications and several PR companies. So eventually, I became thick skinned with people's opinions.  I take them as lessons as a writer. But what's more important to me is what I feel. If I am happy with what I wrote, nothing else matters! But of course, I am still open for improvements.

As a blogger for more than 10 years now, I am proud to say that it took years till I got used to having people read my thoughts and look at my photos. OOTDs were also challenging since I am not the ideal "pretty girl" that people are accustomed to. My style is also unique from others, and I can't pose to save my life! Haha! The awkwardness though, I take these as my "charm". I am okay, there's no cookie-cutter in being a good blogger.

So even though you are unsure with yourself, continue doing what you love to do! Improvement comes only to those who try and try.

And, of course, be kind to yourself. Being confident is not about pride or being mayabang, it's about loving yourself enough to silence the haters, listen only to people who matters, and throwing away inhibitions so you can go for your passions!

Watch how Liza Soberano, Maybelline's new ambassador and a naturally beautiful Filipina, realized that we're better than pressure, negativity, fear, and insecurities:

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