Puerto Princesa: Sheridan

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

"We write to taste life twice."
- Anais Nin

I am currently resting in my hotel bed here in Ipoh, Malaysia, and thought of catching up with my backlogs. I really brought my laptop with me since I've been away for almost 2 weeks already. I can't help but feel pressured with the piling things to write from the past months!

No regrets, though, everything's been eventful and exciting. I am overdosing on Enervon just to make sure I am in good health day in and out (2 times a day, one in the morning and another before bed). Anyway, throwback to the last weekend of August when my high school friend and I experienced the beauty of Palawan through Sheridan Beach Resort and Spa.

After staying in the city proper during our first night, we transferred to a more luxurious accommodation for the rest of the trip. Marj and I felt that luck was on our side as we accomplished all our planned itineraries (Iwahig Firefly Farm, Underground River) before settling in a resort just to generally chill and enjoy the beach--our main plan!

Sheridan Beach Resort and Spa is perfect in all levels. Located around 1.5 hours from the city proper, and just 15 minutes from the world famous Underground River, Sheridan is the only world class resort in the vicinity. To think I learned that it's not yet rated 5-star!

Sheridan is more than just a beautiful pool and 5-star service, but you also get to experience being nestled in the clear blue waters of the West Philippine Sea AND the green mountain ranges. Excuse my sappy description .... but it really looks and feels like heaven on earth!

Everyone knows that to me "there is no place like Boracay", but FINALLY, here's a place that beats my favorite. Puerto Princesa is not hype, they have super beautiful, clean beach that's not yet as commercialized and crowded as Boracay. I can spend the whole day just staring at the horizon, or swim in either the beach or their pool. Either way, walang talo! 

So imagine the view during sunset! Btw, all my pictures in this post have NO FILTER. I just want to share to you how everything looks like true to its color, and how marvellous God has created this world. We Pinoys are so lucky to have Palawan!

Btw, this trip is not sponsored! I just feel lucky to have a vacation with a long-time friend who've known me since my awkward, pre-teen stage. We can talk about everything!

During our Palawan adventures, Marj and I often spend our sunset dinner to nighttime in Sheridan's pool talking about anything and everything till our toes turn into prunes (hehe). She recently got engaged, and as the road to tying the knot comes near, the more the timing to make the most out of her singlehood is perfect!

Also availed their 50% off spa session (around Php 400 for a back massage during a certain off-peak time frame). It was so so good, and completed the whole "I'm in a vacation" mode!

Ahhh... My favorite! The pool bar. Had several glasses of margarita here because ladies drink felt so appropriate.

We booked our poolside room via, and got a great deal! From its published rate of around Php 8000 / night, we got this room for only Php 5000 / night. This already includes access to their amenities like the pool, gym, beach, and daily breakfast buffet (super sarap!). 

My favorite part is waking up and just exiting through the veranda door for easy-access to the pool! Even going to the beach and our night swimming were very very convenient. Order a glass of fresh fruit shake, and everything's already perfect.

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