Oats-Caldo with Quaker Oats

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Can I share a little secret? My dad and I LOVE our "oats-caldo" for breakfast and merienda! Haha.
It's a simple, healthy recipe we do with Quaker Oats.

What we do is we cook enough Quaker Oats, then add the usual garnish for arroz caldo. So there's garlic chips, egg (or quail eggs), toyo, chili sauce, kalamansi, salt and pepper, the works! It actually passes as the real thing! 

Indeed, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. And although groggy from an all-nighter of Netflix, Quaker makes it a whole lot easier for me to prepare a healthy breakfast with nature's ultimate supergrains!

Rich in fiber, oats help keep the digestive system clean and happy, while B vitamins and minerals make sure that you meet all your nutritional goals on a daily basis. Oats are a good source of protein and carbs as well! To me, it's the best alternative to my unhealthy snacks.

With Quaker's many instant oatmeal flavors, and the possibilities of creating dishes with classic oats, you can easily meet your daily whole grain and fiber needs. To know more about their whole range of products, visit, and follow Quaker Oat Philippines on Facebook and Instagram @quakeroatsph.


  1. Magpapaluto ako ng oats-caldo na yan! Haha thanks, Ana! <3

  2. Hahaha! Try mo! :D Mag pipicture ako sa next time we make one uli, hehehe! :D


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