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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Yesterday, I caught myself going around stores to "visualize" my dream space for Simple House. I know this is a long shot from where the business is standing now, but I can't help it! It keeps me going whenever I am surrounded with inspiration. 

Just this morning, I learned about MoodBoard Manila, a space planning and design consultancy firm.

MoodBoard Manila overcomes the intimidating hurdle to create your own space by simplifying the overall process involved in creating their clients' dream spaces.

“Designing spaces, whether it be a home or an office, is a topic that has become a bit too aspirational for most people,” shares Jovy Rabelas, MoodBoard’s founder and Chief Design Officer. “People try to avoid opening discussions about it because it is generally perceived as a very expensive, complex and laborious endeavor. MoodBoard is on a mission to change the people’s standpoint towards designing spaces not just by making the process simpler, but also by making it more accessible.”

Some spaces designed by MoodBoard Manila:


MoodBoard Manila's design principle is no rules, throwing away the belief that a space need to adhere to one specific theme to look good.

It can be minimalist but still quirky, traditional but still up-to-date, eccentric but appealing.

“We believe that everyone deserves to live, work and move in a space that is not just aesthetically pleasing but is also reflective of its owner’s personality. That is the best thing about it; that is what makes it more interesting. Your space should serve as an extension of your desires and aspirations. It should inspire and make you happy. And just like a mood board, all the elements it contain should have a role. Your space should be cohesive and functional. This is what we provide—a creative personal space that is made just for you, promptly and expertly put together by our trained consultants,” adds Rabelas.

I think this team knows well what everyone needs: a space that will spark joy! Excited for that day that I will contact them for my own requirements. :)

To know more about them, you may visit or follow @MoodboardManila on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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