Stay Healthy This Holiday Season with TrueTea and Green Stevia!

Friday, November 18, 2016

I am currently watching my weight, which is so-so much harder now that I am 30. 

I realized that although I am very much into body love now more than when I was a teenager, I can't just YOLO on my weight because of health reasons. I realized this just a week ago when my mom gave me the talk. I am not a kid anymore, so this is serious!

Anyway, just this week I decided to cut down the snacks aka chips and sweets (huhu). One night I was craving for something to satisfy the sweet tooth, I decided to drink a glass of TrueTea. Aside from getting the sweetness I wanted, it's also guilt-free!

More on this product and the brand's recent event in Tagaytay:

The event was held at the beautiful One Tagaytay Place and Hotel Suites:

 Christmas is in the air! I went there wearing t-shirt (no jackets) because it's usually mainit na in Tagaytay, but I was surprised that it was a chilly day!

Our group arrived early, so we dined at the Amacena restaurant first. I wasn't watching my weight at that time, haha, so I indulged in their yummy four cheese pizza! The vegetarian weakness: CARBS! Haha! The salad is also so goood, and I heard from my friends that everything else is also great!

Watched the sunset and took photos outside the hotel with Pax before heading to the event:

About TrueTea Iced Tea:

TrueTea Ice Tea is the FIRST low-calorie iced tea!

They use BLACK TEA, a generally stronger tea with plenty of health benefits. Aside from keeping you alert and energetic, black tea lowers the risk of stroke and heart attack, it is a great anti-oxidant, lowers the risk of cancer, diabetes, parkinson's disease, manages asthma, delays aging, and helps boost metabolism.

To me, I think it's the perfect alternative to sodas and juices after a good meal! I might even recommend this during our family Christmas parties, hehe!


What makes it sweet then? They use GREEN STEVIA natural sweetener, which is also one of their products.

Stevia is a very sweet herb that has ZERO effect on blood glucose level, ZERO calorie, and ZERO fat. It is the perfect substitute to sugar--one sachet is already THREE teaspoons of sugar!

Writing down our testimonials for the brand:

I can't remember what I wrote exactly, but it has something to do with thanking TrueTea for giving us life's sweetness without deprivation: 

Our menu for the night, as prepared by One Tagaytay's cool chef Luigi Muhlach:

They served Cream of Corn Soup, Rocky Salad, Potato Gratin, American Baked Spareribs Coupled with Stevia, Cajun Fish Fry with Morocan Salsa, Roasted Rosemary Brined Chicken Inclusive with Stevia, Spaghetti Concasse Pasta...

And the interesting dessert: New York Stevia Cheese Cake! Sarap but still guilt-free:

Lovely set-up of the venue:

We were still full from the lunch, but always ready to eat! Haha!

Goofing around with Ate Mae, Pax, Sir JM of One Tagaytay, and Ate Christine:

 The event's host Ms. Bianca Saldua:

TrueTea and Green Stevia are both from GX International Inc (GXI), a Filipino-owned pharmaceutical company founded in 1991 by Mr. Rodolfo I. Gracia. Its mission is to seek for OPTIONS so that quality treatment may not have to be expensive. They've been producing quality but inexpensive medicines for 20 years!

And since prevention is still better than cure, they also produced a natural sugar substitute, GREEN STEVIA, which you can use everyday on your coffee, tea, juice, and even for your cooking. It is perfect for the health conscious and weight watchers.  

We played a game where you have to guess how many teaspoons of sugar are in the following:

Grabe pala yung flavored drinks, huhu!

 Then a Green Stevia cooking demo:

And a final tidbit, I learned that TrueTea is also packed with Vitamin C (which I take everyday!). You will meet 133% of your recommended Energy and Nutrient Intake for Vitamin C with just ONE serving of TrueTea!

We're so excited to share these boxes of TrueTea Iced Tea to our family!

Taste-wise, I honestly can't determine its difference from other iced tea!

Find out more about TrueTea and Green Stevia and their availbility through their websites:

Special thanks to One Tagaytay Place Hotel Suites and Mae Ilagan of!

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