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Friday, December 02, 2016

During my solo travel, I realized one thing: You have to be fully equipped because generally you can only rely on yourself. Before leaving Manila, I already have coats, thick socks, gloves, and even masks and ear muffs ready in case the temperature in Korea is too cold to bear.

Aside from these, I have my passport, and all my tickets and itinerary printed and stashed in a water resistant envelope (with 2 pens, to be sure!). I have set my budget, exchanged my Peso into Won 2 days before departure.

And of course, I decided to rent out a pocket internet that I can use for this travel. I've seen this in almost all my traveling blog friends, and now after experiencing it first hand, I must say, THANK GOD FOR FLYTPACK!

Having internet when you travel is super important. Now I appreciate this more than ever. I've never tried roaming after hearing several horror stories from my friends on over-charging when they get back from their trip, and then pocket wifi rental is usually expensive for my budget. Before I just rely on public wifi, and even give out my personal information in sign up forms just so I can check my Instagram.

But welcome to 2016! No need to leech wifi in malls and limited train stations when you have your own Flytpack, an AFFORDABLE, RELIABLE, and EASY TO USE travel pocket wifi router.

Here's how I used my Flytpack during my solo travel in Korea:

1) To double check my flight details on my email.
2) For accurate currency conversion before shopping or purchasing tickets.
3) Last minute research on places to go, things to do, foods to try.
4) Kept in touch with family and friends with my whereabouts through Viber.
5) Updated my social media with all the new experiences.
6) Checked emails, worked on Bloggers United duties even when out of the country.
7) Tracked my train routes via Seoul Metro app.
8) I never got lost looking for my lodging or recommended restaurant, thanks to fast internet and Google maps!

Perks of Choosing Flytpack:

1) Lightweight and handy, you can just place it on your bag or pocket.
2) It allows you to stay connected whenever, wherever, however you want across 50 countries worldwide! From my experience, I can even surf when I'm on the subway. Connection was stable all throughout.
3) You can connect up to FIVE devices at the same time.
4) Flat rate (depends on country) and unlimited!
5) No complicated set-ups!
6) Long battery life! I did not risked it and charged it every night, but someone commented on my Instagram post that she used her Flytpack fully-charged unit for four straight days!

By the way, your Flytpack unit also doubles as a powerbank!

Here's how you can rent Flytpack for your next travels:

1) Go to their website at
2) Fill up the form at the home page with necessary travel details. Here's Flytpack's price list:

I love that they also offer cross-country packages!

3) My unit arrived at my house in this portable bag a day before my departure. They used Grab Express so it's same day delivery. 

Note: Make sure to charge your unit, just to be sure!

What's inside the device pouch: 

1) Router
2) Travel Adapter
3) Charging Cable

4) Enjoy unlimited wifi during your trip!

When I stepped out of Incheon Airport, I opened my Flytpack and the username and password for the wifi immediately flashed in its tiny screen (also conveniently printed at the back of the unit). I connected to it immediately, and it never disconnected during the whole trip!

One little feedback though is that the adapter can't stay-put in my guesthouse's wall outlets (must be the weight), so I just used my own adapter. But over-all, I can't say anything negative about my first Flytpack experience!

5) Returning the unit.

Yesterday, four days after my trip, Grab Express came back to pick up the unit from my house. They usually send the courier 1-5 days after your travel date. Late returns will be charged accordingly, so make sure there's someone at home to hand it over! Today I just received an email from Flytpack confirming that they've received the devices.

The Verdict

I'm glad that I discovered Flytpack for this trip! I am not the best in directions, so I maximized my Google Maps and train apps in navigating my whereabouts. Asking for directions is okay, but sometimes language barrier can be a hindrance. 

And of course, staying connected to my loved ones even when I am solo exploring is the best part of having an internet connection on the road. In a way, it made me feel safe, which I must say now is the best feeling whenever you're traveling alone.

Find out more about Flypack by visiting their website..
Follow them on Facebook, and Instagram / Twitter @FlytPack.


  1. Hi! may question lang, upon checking kasi may deposit sya para siguro sa unit, pero ibabalik ba yung deposit once nabalik na din sya? thanks!

  2. Hi! ako pala ung nag ask regarding dun sa deposit. okay na, included pala dito sa blog hehe. One last question, paanong mode nila naibalik sayo ung deposit? Thank you so much!


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