Kim Bok Joo Starter Pack

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

How to be you, Bok Joo?

After watching Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo, I was all-out online in showing my k-drama hangover and obsession (it's borderline embarrassing, lol!). You can't blame me, it's the first series that I can completely say that I can relate to because unlike the usual "perfectly pretty" k-drama characters, Kim Bok Joo is very relatable. It me, Bok Joo-shi!

When she's awkward and all-out in preparing to meet her crush, it me!
When she eats with her sweg girl gang without a care in the world, it me!
When she's mayabang and mas matapang during roller coaster rides, IT ME BOK JOO SHI!!!!

Lead male Joon Hyung can't even carry her for the classic, dramatic K-drama piggyback scene...
Grabe nato, IT ME. Hahaha!

Her saktong girly / not pasexy date outfit 👉🙋!!!

And to find an oppa who loves her in spite and despite of, who finds her quirks actually cute... Huhu, who doesn't want to be Kim Bok Joo! 😄


Kilig! Huhu! Anyway, this post is dedicated to paano ako nakain ng sistema. Hahaha! Here goes.....

1) Wear Sporty Outfits. 

Varsity girl + Comfortable Fashion. Finally, I can say that my usual boyish style is because of a K-Drama, hehehe.

2) Red Clip.

One time I was looking at the kid's accessories section, when the sales lady asked me if "Para sa bata po ba?"

Me: "Ummmm... OO!" (Para sa isip bata, hahaha!)
Btw, yet to find a pig and strawberry version!

3) Nom Nom Ringtone.

Bought the cute music by Parry Grip via iTunes for Php 45. 😂 Gym music ko nadin sya, lol.

4) Do You Like Messi? and other Kim Bok Joo tees.

Bought my Sweg and Do You Like Messi pastel t-shirts at Green Avenue for only 2-for-Php 400!

5) Laneige!

Effective ang product placement! 😂 Bought Laneige's Two Tone Lip Bar and Water Bank Moisture Cream via Althea Korea. They sell authentic Korean products at the best price, so I got these for around half the store price! Both are really good products, so worth it ang investment! Baka sakali maging kamukha ko si Lee Sung Kyung hehehe. 😬

6) A more active lifestyle.

Bok Joo is an athlete (and an excelling one at that!), so most of the scenes from the series are at the gym. Strong girls rule, and it doesn't make one less feminine. I love how they stressed on this.


Since Bok Joo, aka Chubs, is a weightlifter, she and her teammates were required to eat A LOT to gain strength or to reach a certain weight for the competition. I love the food scenes, made me crave for Korean food for weeks!

Found an actual Korean cheese sausage in Assi Fresh Plaza, Commerce Center Bldg, BGC. 😂

8) Good Vibes / Good Relationships!

And lastly, I love the positive and good vibes from the whole series. True friendships, working hard for your goals, being a little less greedy, and loving ones self from inside and out. I like it, and that's how I want to live my own life! [End of Starter Pack]

God, I can go on and on! 😂 Any fellow Kim Bok Joo fans here?
Let's discuss, haha! Tweet me @anagon! 💙


  1. Grabe siya ginalingan masyado!! Do I need to say that I love Kdramas, much more Kim bok joo? girl sana when you ate at the korean restau naka "swegg" ka! HAHA! Date w/ you please for a korean inspired day huhu from foods to clothing!! hehe

  2. Gusto ko rin sana siyang panoorin kaya lang quota na kami sa K-Dramas for now. Haha! Break muna to English series after Another Oh Hae Young then most likely ito na papanoorin namin once the US series goes on hiatus. Amazing talaga ang pagka-cult favorite nito kahit it didn't rate so well in Korea.:)

    1. I agree! :) After a while mag US series na uli ako though ngayon asa Kdrama phase na talaga ako hahaha!

  3. Hindi na po pang-starter pack ito. Grabe ang level ng commitment :D

    1. Hahaha! :D Not starter pack, but a lifestyle. Hahaha!

  4. Hi Ana! Thank you sa blog entry na toh at na introduce mo ako kay Kim Bok Joo. Relate much. Na in love ako sa Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo.

  5. grabeee kagabi ko lang natapos. major sepanx ako ngayon! waaaahhh sobrang ganda ng series na to, ana! love na love ko silang lahat kahit si si ho. and the Gucci Bag sa collage moooo <3 <3 <3 gusto ko din yang black pero takot ako madumihan hahaha kayo talaga ni ava ang nag influence sa 'kin hahaha
    love you,

    banisa <3

    1. Yey!!! Love you Banisa! Super love Bok Joo, dami ko na napanood after but babalik padin sa kanila ang tunay na favorite ko hahaha!

  6. Ahhhh!Ang benta ng paano ako kinain ng sistema post mo. HAHAHAAHAHAHAHA! Hindi ako maka-move on sa series na ito. OMG! HAHAHA!

    1. This is my favorite, the best! Haha! Bok Joo x Joon Hyung hope to meet you! Hahaha!

  7. I feel you,miss Ana. Next year plan namin mag visit sa Korea. Where's ur blog pala about ur trip?

    1. Posted some of them na hope you like them! <3

  8. Hi! Is the cheese sausage really delicious? Thankyou! Love your blog btw, very informative and entertaining ❤

    1. My friend told me it's not so good, haha! :D Thank you for appreciating!!! <3


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