Why Masungi?

Monday, February 13, 2017

Weeks ago, (pikit-mata) I said yes to another adventure without expecting who I'm going with (except Mother Earth who invited me, thank you!) and what I got myself into. 

I realized that some of the best and most memorable moments of my existence were the ones that I just took the plunge. So I decided to build 2017 around that thought and, well, good decision so far! 

Anyway, let me take you around Masungi Georeserve through this photo diary, still featuring my current aesthetic obsession: "Basag ang camera lens" lol. 😀

Ready? Leggo!

Why Masungi?
Or why you should go here at least once in your life!

1) Masungi Georeserve has lots of interesting history and trivia. Masungi actually comes from the word masungki because of its uneven rock formations (sungki-sungki). Thus, we pronounce it as mah-soo-ngee, and not mah-soon-jee or mah-soon-gee.

We also learned from our assigned Park Ranger that a part of Masungi used to be underwater, which I find cool! Thus, you'll see some of the shells collected and used as bathroom decors. Nacurious pa ako nun una bakit shells, wala naman kami sa dagat!

2) Very informative guide, or Park Ranger. I witnessed how our Masungi guide takes responsibility in preserving the place and abiding by the rules--paulit ulit siya reminding us to keep our trash in our bags and not to make so much noise so as not to disturb the wild animals.

It was also very evident how Kuya takes pride in the place and his work. I like that! They also do not take tips (rule siya). They will prefer that we just spread the word about Masungi so that more people will take interest and visit them!

3) A different kind of trekking. By the end of the arduous 4-hour ish trek, our Park Ranger asked us if we have ever experienced something like this. I realized that Masungi is one of a kind - from the rope trails to the well-preserved environment. 

Personally, I like the rope tracks more than the trekking part--ang bilis ko kasi hingalin! I am more relaxed with the pacing of climbing up or down the webs of ropes, hehe, but I like the variety of challenges!

4) OC factor! First time ko din umuwi from trekking na malinis ang shoes, haha! Before you can climb the rope tracks, you are required to brush your soles in this station para hindi rin sobrang marumihan at maputikan yun ropes na hinahawakan nga naman ng mga tao--very brilliant! After everyone, pinapalitan din ni Kuya agad agad yun water before leaving. 

5) A few hours drive from Manille. Usually going to adventure sites will take you hours on the road, but heading to Masungi hindi naman ako nainip! Hindi nga din ako nakakaidlip, andun na kami kaagad sa Rizal! Special thanks to Gus for the ride! :)

6) Hindi matao, which you will notice in my photos. Kami kami lang sa group because others have different schedules para hindi nagkaka sabay sabay and crowded sa trail.

You need to make prior reservations before going to Masungi Georeserve. Mother Earth did the whole contacting for the group, and then she just looked for more interested participants to complete the minimum number of 7. We each paid Php 1500, inclusive of entrance fee, water, and light snacks. Visit their WEBSITE for more information.

7) Botany, Geology, etc. The whole experience was also educational, thanks to Kuya Guide. We were introduced to different plant species, minerals, and some rock formations as we went on with the hike. I also saw lots of cool kinds of flora along the way like the iris, and naturally camo printed tree trunks!

Ang dami ko ding nahawakan na "furry branches" na bawal pala because kakati, but thanks to Rodel for lending me his pair of gloves, I was able to carry on with my trekking habit! (hawak dito, hawak doon, gapang, hehehe).

8) Photogenic. If I can, would have took loads of "pang Instagram" OOTDs hehehe, but I can't so I will settle for my candid shots. 💚 Thanks to Ruth, Rodel, and Mother Earth for taking most of my Masungi pictures!! I think may nag prenup narin daw dito, so many beautiful spots!

9) And last but not the least: You can do it! You don't need to be extremely athletic and fit to be able to finish Masungi Georeserve, take it from me! Unless you're really really afraid of heights, you can go through all the challenges ginapang man ito para matapos (literally!)! They also have alternative routes for those who don't wan't to go through certain rope challenges anymore, though naman! Sayang ang punta!

Kuya Guide also told us that an 80-something man was able to finish the trail. I don't know if it's a true story or pang encourage lang, but the whole trek I was thinking na if si lolo nga kinaya, kaya ko din to! So good job Kuya, effective! Hehe.

Rethinking my life decisions, hahaha.

The most random but the best group to be with for this adventure! Thank you friends, old and new! 💪😌
Rodel, Gus, Mother Earth, Rhea, Yuki, Ruth, and Charles

Random tips: 

- Wear lightweight clothes (I wore my pang gym + foldable jacket because it was rainy) and a pair of hiking shoes (super helpful!). 
- Don't bring too much during the hike, ok na one bottle of water and your camera (if you want).  I used my Poler backpack to carry only the essentials. Leave everything else sa car like your phone, pamalit na clothes, etc.
- Mahirap daw sya commutin.
- Kinaya ko naman mag dala ng cam, naka sling lang sa neck ko the whole time, and protected inside my jacket. Better if everything you bring may strap, don't put anything on your pockets at baka mag slip sa mga ropes.
- If you're like me na hawak dito, hawak doon, bring gloves! Medyo mainit or uncomfortable, but at least I can hold on to random branches without fearing if it's the type na kakati pag nahawakan mo.
- Actually okay lang wag na magdala ng phone because walang signal any network.
- Eat before the hike, medyo nagutom ako in between, hehehe. Remember, around 4 hours the whole trail!

Survived Masungi with my trusty Merrell footwear and small Poler backpack.

Heading back to the car, super relieved and proud that I did it!

Final photo on my phone: Victory party (hehehe) at a random bulaluhan before going back to Manila. 💗


  1. Hi this is an insightful post! Ive just booked a visit to masungi with my friends! My question is, is the tour guide inclusive in the booked tour? And what camera effect filter did you use for your photos! I like the photo feels ��


    Im also on blogger!

    1. Thank you! :)
      - Tour guide already inclusive
      - I used Afterlight dust and light leaks for these photos

      thanks again :)


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