Han River Ferry Cruise ala My Love From Another Star

Friday, March 24, 2017

On that afternoon in Seoul, while walking around the Hangang Park to look for Eland Cruise's port, I kept on repeating to myself that I might have done something good to be there and then at that moment. The weather, sunny and not that cold. The walk, long but with beautiful view. Everything felt nice and right.

I have been to most of Korea's main tourist attractions during my last two trips in the country, but never in this area. In a way, riding a cruise is a way to see Seoul from a different light.

I got my discounted Hangang River Ferry Cruise (or Han River) ticket via Trazy, the same Korean-based travel agency for my Seoul walking tour earlier that day. Booking is conveniently done online, instructions are all in English.

According to their email, I have to claim my ticket for the Eland Cruise at their ticket booth at least 20 minutes before the ship's departure. I chose 5pm, in time for sunset, and was there at around 4pm (to be sure).

Aside from the cruise, there are so much activities you can avail in Hangang Park. You can rent bicycles to stroll around, ride these cute swan water taxis, check out the art in Seoul Color Park, or just people watch (my new hobby). I also saw barkadas setting up tents, maybe to spend the night drinking soju and enjoying a Sunday night with friends? I suddenly missed the company of my loved ones!

Finally saw the ticket booth with the help of Google Maps (just typed Eland Cruise). Be ready for a long walk from the Yeouinaru Station! Anyway, all instructions are conveniently indicated in Trazy's itinerary which will be sent to your email prior your schedule.

Answer this boarding form before proceeding for your ticket:

And then finally.... Ready to board the ship! ❤

What I like about this cruise:

1) All the K-Drama references in the ship! One of the reasons why I took the Han River Ferry Cruise is because this reminded me of one of my favorite Korean Dramas "My Love From Another Star". When the ship started sailing, they even played the show's theme song You Are My Destiny! I wasn't expecting this at all, remembered all the Do Min Joon feels which made me a bit teary eyed! Haha!

Had to take a photo of the famous Han River Cruise scene from "My Love From Another Star", hehe!

2) The Snack Bar! There's nothing to do but chill during a cruise, so it's nice to have food and drinks while enjoying the view. Had popcorn and drinks, which I can eat while in the dining area or even at the ship's deck.

Saw this and thought it's human food, haha! Dilis ba! Realized later on that people buy this to feed the seagulls! One of the cute activities on a cruise.

3) The freedom to stroll around! There are some reasonable restrictions for passengers' safety, but overall, I enjoyed aimlessly looking around the ship to see other sights and enjoy being surrounded by families, children, and couples around me. Super good vibes!


These are the kids entertaining themselves by feeding the HUGE seagulls! There are so many of them! 😂

And I mean sooo many! Haha! 👀

Side of the ship where other people hangout. Joining a cruise is also popular for couples as a unique date place!

4) It's an instant and more chill tour of Seoul! From the ferry, you can already spot some of Seoul's usual attractions, including the majestic National Assembly Building, the Banpo Bridge (Korea's first double deck bridge), and of course, the popular Namsan Tower--also a location of many favorite Korean dramas!

Excuse the rare selfie, lighting was so good! 😂

And lastly, 5) Enjoy good music while aboard the ship! This is a very classic ship experience, it's so simple but I love it! After going around, decided to rest and go back to the dining area where a performer was already onstage. Almost all passengers were there! Got another glass of drink, and sat with a family since all tables were full. Everyone's very accommodating and cheery, some were clapping to the beat of a Korean song!


1) The cruise lasted for 30 minutes only, so maximize your time!
2) Wander off a bit, do not stay put! 
3) Look for popular landmarks while onboard. Almost forgot about this because I was enjoying the boat too much. Good thing I spotted the Namsan Tower!
4) Take lots of pictures (of course!).
5) Enjoy, relax, and live the moment! :)

When I got off the ship, I decided to stay longer at the seating area right in front of E-Land Cruise's port. I sat mostly next to couples, but I never felt lonely. They were blasting nice K-Pop music somewhere, and the sun was about to set. Sea breeze felt nice, again, it just felt so perfect!

Book your discounted Han River Cruise Ticket HERE.
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