One K Global Concert in Manila

Friday, March 03, 2017

Indeed, the best experiences are the ones shared with others. ❤

Last night, guilty of not being familiar with any K-Pop song unless it came from a K-Drama huhu, I went to celebrate with Filipino fans at the 2017 One K Global Concert at the Mall of Asia Arena. Manila is the FIRST leg of this international concert series, and I felt lucky to be part of it with my fellow K-Drama fan-friends Ashley and Ava

The goal of this event by the One K Global Campaign Organizing Committee (headed by Mr. In-Teck Seo) is to spread peace not only in the divided Korea, but in the world. If one person has a dream, it is just a dream. But if all people share that dream it becomes a reality. More on this HERE.

We met up with our giveaway winner and her two friends before going to the venue! 

To let you in on how we chose her, we picked our favorites who answered our Instagram question "Why do you want to watch this concert?". All three of us picked the ones who mentioned not only being big K-Pop fans, but those who also mention their support to the unification cause of this event.

We also had few passes to spare at the last minute, which we were able to share with a follower who planned to go #TeamLabas at this concert. Super deserving! I also realized now that both our winners are very young as in still studying, I hope that they really put into heart the cause of this event. If it starts with the younger generation, imagine the peaceful world we will live in when they start to take over. ❤

Sa totoo lang, this was the best moment for me last night, to be able to share the experience with younger people who are really big K-Pop fans. I am talking like a true tita here, haha, but really got emotional when we met up with these youngsters who are all very timid but hindi matago ang excitement. Was super happy for them! 

Anyway, let me take you inside the Arena and to the concert with these photos! We were assigned in the media booth but before the concert even started, we decided to go up the second floor for a more elevated and full view! Kind of regretting that I didn't go down kahit siksikan but nearer to the artists, but oh well! We had a very tita-friendly and comfortable place at the second floor!

Eto na talaga... Pictures! Pictures! 

Music vids were shown before the show, and crowd was already wild with excitement and anticipation!

A One Dream One Korea segment to kick-off the night (those are dove balloons, cute!).

Hosts were Seol Hyun and Choi Minho (of Hwarang)

B1A4! Second guy in plaid is Moonlight Drawn by Clouds' second male lead Jinyoung!

My favorite segment that almost made me cry (onting onti nalang!). The show is partnered by Korean network KBS, so they presented the top K-Drama theme songs from Descendants of the Sun, Moonlight Drawn by Clouds, and the classic Boys Over Flowers!

The AOA girls, super cute nila! 

Yook Sung-jae from Goblin!

The crowd (once again) went wild when CNBlue appeared on the stage! Walang kalma-kalma!

Lee Jung-shin who appeared in Cinderella and the Four Knights: 

And Kang Min-hyuk from The Heirs (best friend of Park Shin Hye's character) - far right

A Filipino segment, where they sang Freddie Aguilar's Anak. Ang galing!


At the far left is Onew who appeared in DOTS (the guilty young doctor)

The energetic Psy:

He kept on repeating that this senti song on Father is not popular, but I actually loved it! ❤

Oppa Gangnam Style!

The concert finale, where all groups went on stage to sing the new theme for One K Global Campaign! 

Watch my video compilation from last night's concert:


  1. Grabeeee!!! Sobrang speechless ko sa jam packed na event na to!😍😍 Share lang, Min hyuk and Yong hwa are my first ever kpop crushes as in! Gusto komng magdrums and guitar mainly because of CNBlueeee! Kpop ba to or kdrama padin girl? Haha lol glad I met you in this world I belong!😘❤

  2. The guys who sang Boys Over Flowers OST are Daehyun and Youngjae from B.A.P by the way 😍💞


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