Things To Do in Singapore Part 2 + 5Footway.Inn Chinatown

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Finally, the last from our hostel hopping in Singapore!

At first, I found it very maeffort to transfer to different locations in one trip, with our huge bags and Singapore's super hot climate, but I realized that it's not something to complain about! I eventually told myself that I am lucky to try these different things and be in different places just for 10 days! While I can, diba! Traveling made me more grateful about life. Less complaining, more appreciating - that's my new motto! Hehe!

So 5Footway.Inn - Project Ann Siang is the most impressive accommodation in Singapore when it comes to location. It is right ACROSS Chinatown's popular hawkers, the Sri Mariamman Temple, and Buddha Tooth Relic Temple; so imagine crossing all these places in your itinerary just for day 1!

But before I go on what's outside the hostel, let me take you inside 5Footway.Inn:

Please take note that they do not have lifts, like in most guest house I've been to! You may ask help from the friendly receptionists if you need assistance with your luggage.

As with any Singapore hotels, check-in is still at 3pm. You can leave your bags in their storage space.

Free Instax print for their guests!

5Footway.Inn is created for the modern traveler - you get the basics from a clean bed, privacy, enough electrical sockets for charging, air conditioned rooms, wifi connection, and free breakfast.

They have three different rooms in Project Ann Siang: Standard (shared, common bathrooms), Superior, and Deluxe Rooms (private, with bathroom). You can check the rates and photos of these rooms HERE.

We stayed in one of the loft rooms. The room is so small but well-designed to fit everything. We also have our own bathroom, so it's already luxury for me, hehe!

Pax stayed at the main bed, and as usual, I want my private corner no matter how ma-effort! Lol.

So I picked the one in the "attic" hahaha! Have to climb-crawl this steep ladder every night before bed, so bawal na mag CR haha!

Upstairs, let me show you that it's not even a room! It's my bed na agad-agad. I loved it here, sans the climb, but it's nice to have my private area while I edit my photos or catch the new Do Bong Soon episode every night! Hihi.

Screencap from my friend's IG story, hihi! Nahuli! 😂

Over-all, the room is a comfortable and safe place to stay in when in Singapore. As said earlier, the major plus points goes to 5Footway.Inn Project Ann Siang's location. From the rooftop, you'll see a nice view of good ol' Chinatown.

Walking around the neighborhood during my last day, I was able to shop cheap souvenirs...

Enjoy a colorful photo walk...

Have my Dollar ice cream sandwich from a cute, side-street vendor ahjussi:

And eat legit vegetarian Chinese food and kopi, yum yum!

Aside from these things, you can check out my past Singapore travel posts HERE. Now, to continue on my list of Things To Do In Singapore (click here for 1-10) ....

11) Harry Potter-themed Cafe

When we met up with some of our online friends in Singapore, we decided to hold it in this Harry Potter themed cafe. I just saw Platform 1094 on Facebook, so yep, power of social media! It's a quirky place to take cute photos, food and drinks presentation is superb, plus they have a drawer of props and costumes you can use para todo aura na! 

Oppa helping me with my Goblin of Fire drink, hihi!

Finally met Tess or @sloper on Instagram! Love her feed, and she's extra sweet in person! Thank you for our Royce, huhu!

Group photo!

Location: Platform 1094, 1094 Serangoon Rd
Nearest MRT: Boon Keng Station

12) Unicorn Tears

Also a social media discovery, I decided to have my lunch during my solo SG exploring in a cafe that serves UNICORN TEARS! Price is a bit steep, but food is actually delicious! I had the Beetroot Risotto that looks and tastes so healthy, and of course, a bottle of blue, sparkly Unicorn Tears! It tastes like pineapples for me, hehe!

Location: 2nd Flr, 73 Amoy Street
Nearest MRT: Telok Ayer or Tanjong Pagar Station

13) National Gallery Singapore

Tracy's friend, who lives in Singapore, said that if there's just one museum I have to visit in SG it's this! So Pax and I went there for one whole afternoon. National Gallery is HUGE they hold the world’s largest public collection of Singapore and Southeast Asian art, consisting of over 8,000 artworks!

Very interactive:

Aside from artworks, I also fell in love with National Gallery's architecture:

You'll also spot A LOT of Filipino artists' obra:

And cool abstract and mixed media artworks, my kind of art actually!

A nice view of Marina Bay Sands from the rooftop:

Location: 1 Saint Andrew's Road
Nearest MRT: City Hall Station

14) Books Actually 

Literature is alive in Singapore, and I love it! If you find a BOOKSTORE as tourist spot (I saw a lot of non-Singaporeans heading here from the subway), then it's a good thing, right!? Books Actually carries mostly independent publications, books by local writers, and even knick knacks from vintage cassettes and logo bottles and glasses. Went here also during my solo time, the "mystery book vendo" right in front of the store is my favorite! A quirky place you may want to check out if you're in the area.

 Location: 9 Yong Siak St
Nearest MRT: City Hall Station

15) Haw Par Villa

Some websites promote this place as an abandoned theme park, so it sparked my interest! It is actually just a free park with so much eccentric statues, mostly creepy and weird. I went there alone and it was raining (halasha!), but I just had to see what's the fuss about the "Ten Courts of Hell".

Good thing I had a good 5 person company inside this man-made cave. I read through the different punishments and different levels of sins, and although the dioramas are a bit graphic, I find it interesting. Reminds me Dante's Inferno from my high school lit classes.

Haw Par Villa was formerly known as the Tiger Balm Gardens, named after the brand and creator of this place.

Location:  262 Pasir Panjang Road
Nearest MRT: Haw Par Villa Station

16) Thian Hock Keng Temple

No intentions of visiting, I randomly passed by the oldest and most important temple of the Hokkien people while on my way to search for the Unicorn Tears cafe! Had no culture tour for this trip, so I decided to check this place a bit before I went on with my original place. Thian Hock Keng, or the Tianfu Temple, is a temple of a Chinese sea goddess "Mazu". Also saw the colorful Peranakan Tiles Gallery nearby.

Location: 158 Telok Ayer Street
Nearest MRT: Telok Ayer Station

17) Merlion Park

A major tourist attraction in Singapore, you can't just end your first SG trip without a photo with the Merlion!

Location: 1 Fullerton Road
Nearest MRT: Raffles Place Station

18) Everton Road

My first time to ride on a bus in Singapore was to check out Pax's recommendation: Everton Road. It's not a popular destination (yet), but you'll love it for their wall arts and peaceful vibes. Again, it reminds me of good ol' town Perak in Malaysia, and of course, the popular wall murals in Penang. These bits of history and nostaligia were created by Yip Yew Chong who lived in Everton Road for around 20 years!

Bus ride from Chinatown took us around 15 minutes only:

Exercise machineries for everyone's use:

Everton Park:

Aside from the wall arts, they also have Architectural Heritage houses:

Location: Everton Park
Nearest MRT: Outram Station

19) Central Perk

It was closed when we went here (huhu) and it was a Monday! Anyway, Central Perk is just walking distance from Chinatown, just check Google Maps! 😀 It's a FRIENDS themed cafe, complete with the orange couch, some props and costumes (replicas?), and a FRIENDS screening right there in the middle of the coffee shop! Will go back here on my next SG trip just for the experience.

Location: 1 Magazine Road, Central Mall
Nearest MRT: Clarke Quay or Chinatown Station

22) Dal.Komm Coffee

Yes to Kdrama reference! Haha! They have a branch outside Korea, with Big Boss and Wolf plushies on display and for sale!

Location: 176 Orchard Road, The Centrepoint
Nearest MRT: Clarke Quay or Chinatown Station

20) Chinatown Heritage Centre

During my last few hours in Singapore, I decided to spend it around Chinatown. Pax will always mention about this every time we passed by the building so many times from the hostel to the subway, so I decided to finally drop by. The Chinatown Heritage Centre is another Singapore culture, history, and people appreciation.

You'll find out more about Singapore's first Chinese migrants, and their hardships, stories, and different professions (hawker, doctor, tailor, etc). Everything's interactive, you'll see very realistic replicas of props and their rooms, while you listen to common stories of the people during that time. Ang galing, "it's my jam!" sabi nga ni Pax! The 15 SGD entrance fee is worth it!

Location: 48 Pagoda St, Singapore
Nearest MRT: Chinatown Station

For final words, just enjoy the variety Singapore has to offer! From historical to modernity, to the different cultures across Singapore (Malaysian, Peranakan, Chinese, Indian)... There's still so much to see and do in this "small" country.

Special thanks to Aisa Ipac and 5Footway.Inn for our accommodation.
 Follow them on FACEBOOK, Instagram @5footwayinn.
And to FLYTPACK for my stable internet connection while in Singapore!

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