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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Summer is just starting, and I am sure there are LOTS of exciting things up your sleeves just to make the most out of this season of adventures! If we're talking about MY plans, I am so thrilled to go back again to my favorite South Korea--but this time with my WHOLE FAMILY!! I'll be their dakilang tour guide, haha! The last time all 5 of us (my parents and 2 sisters) went out of the country was in 2014 to spend the holidays in the States. Those were fun months of snow, Disneyland, good greasy food, and of course family time.. but it had been 3 years since!

Anyway, so aside from SoKo, I hope to also have short trips in our beautiful beaches with my different sets of friends, or a nice staycation in a cute boutique hotel within the metro, and maybe 1 solo travel if time and budget permits!

But with every travel comes packing, which for me is one of the most challenging tasks in going on a vacation (other than acquiring visa hehe). Thule, one of the leading brands in travel lifestyle, introduces their solution to your every travel packing this summer: Thule Subterra Travel Bag Collection. There's a bag for your every type of travel!

For those who are going to a local trip:

👜 Thule Subterra Carry-On 40L 

Whether it's a surf trip to La Union or a Cebu city tour over the long weekend, the Thule Subterra Carry-On will fit all your essentials. It's the light packer's dream, very versatile (can be used as a backpack or a shoulder bag), soft-sided bag, designed to help maximize packing space.

Stuff your clothes, pack away your valuables, as well as separate your shoes and dirty laundry from your other belongings with ease thanks to its multi-purpose compartment. It also has a separate sleek laptop sleeve with tablet storage, PowerPocket and accessory organization. 

For those who will go on a staycation right after work:

👜 Thule Subterra Travel Backpack 34L  

A good backpack that will fit a day or two of your essentials. Young professionals (and bloggers!) don’t have to worry about their gadgets as they can snugly pack their valuables in this travel backpack.

Safely store your laptop in the padded laptop sleeve with SafeEdge construction and secure flap closure, and keep your accessories such as cords and charges neatly put away in the internal PowerPocket and packing cube. (Use the same cube to pack clothes for effortless travel.) 

Easily access any of your devices through the wide roll top opening with magnetic closure, side zippers and access panels. 

For those who are heading out of the country:

👜 Thule Subterra Luggage 55cm/22"

I will call this the magic luggage! This is what I needed when I was trying to save on baggage allowance! The Subterra Luggage is a handy 2-in-1 piece that conveniently splits into two independent carry-on compliant pieces! So you can use it as one huge luggage, or as two different bags (one for check-in, the duffel as your hand-carry). 

Ensuring you a hassle-free travel, this carry-on fits neatly in overhead bins and complies with carry-on requirements for most airlines. No more extra time spent waiting in line for check-in!

Stylish, versatile and resilient, the Thule Subterra travel bag collection offers luggage and backpacks that help you live out your wildest adventures. See you at the airport! ✈

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  1. I remembered our matching backpacks last time! :) Cute nung colored Thule bags!! :)


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