Mumuso Korean Wasteland Finds!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Before, I can't get over Japan and Korea because of their cheap shopping! All you have to do is go to the nearest Daiso or Don Quijote stores, and score all sorts of things at low low price--from skincare, to toys, to house needs, they have it! And most of them looks so cute pa!

That's why they call it "wastelands", because most of the things you think you will not need, biglang you will buy just because it's so hard to resist! Tapos naooverwhem pa ako coz we don't have them here then.

Good thing quality wastelands are already sprouting here in the country. We have Miniso stores, WeDo, and my new favorite: MUMUSO!

My first MUMUSO encounter was here in Alabang at the new South Park Mall. But I only had the chance to go around and shop when they opened their store in Greenbelt 1.

The place looks so inviting!

And although small lang sya, you will see it packed with so much nice things na biglang kailangan mo! 😂

Their cosmetics and skincare section fills more than 1/4 of the small store:

So Korean! They have two-tone and three-tone lipstick bars ala Laneige for only Php 199:

BB and CC Creams:

Lip balms and hand cream sets:

Hand wash, body wash, lotions:

So much face masks, what to get! Otoke! Lol.

I got a box of the green tea, which costs Php 399 lang per box, for 10 masks!

Pomegranate and Aloe skincare lines:

Look at that beautiful minimalist packaging!

Meanwhile, here are the other corners of this busy but neat store:


Pillow and plushies:


Socks and room slippers:

Sharing what I got during my first visit, total damage is around Php 550 only!

Sorry I threw away my receipt! Prices are just estimate from how I remember them... Message me if may mali!!

Hand Creams (Water Lilies and Cotton scents) - 2 for Php 99

2 pairs of "A" Varsity Socks - Php 99

Foam hand wash (my sister loves this) - Php 149

200ML Beauty Water - Php 149

Four Set of Kakao Friends Notepads - Php 99

Have you tried any beauty stuff or cosmetics from wastelands? What are your favorites? Share them to me @anagon! 😍


  1. ang cute!! gusto ko talaga puntahan yung sa GB1!

  2. Just visited Mumuso at Ayala Mall Southpark. Nakakatuwa talagang magpaikot ikot sa loob.Parang gusto mong bilhin lahat.😁


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