How to Throw a K-Drama Party!

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Annyeong, Chingus!

I can't believe Korean Actor Nam Joo Hyuk's fan meet is almost a week ago! As mentioned in my blog post, my friends and I decided to hold a sleepover the night before the event since most of us live far from the venue in Kia Theater Cubao. We want to be so ready for this once in a lifetime thing! πŸ˜€

Since we already booked a hotel room (thank you for treating us, Kookie!), we decided to go all-out and turn it into our very first Korean Drama Night!! πŸ’₯

It's pretty much last-minute, but I think we still pulled it off!? If you want to plan your own Korean drama night, here are some tips and check list!

1) Venue - We decided to rent a hotel room that's walking distance to the fan meet venue. Since we're just a small group, just a small, air conditioned room is enough. Make sure though that wifi connection is fast! We had probs with streaming shows with our hotel's internet. Overall, the place is comfortable enough for a small party.

2) Date and Time - We had the party the day before the fan meet, so that detail is already settled. You can also hold one to watch a pilot or finale episode of a Kdrama, or on a birthday of your favorite Korean idol. 

Since it's a sleepover party, you can tell your friends to come between 8-9pm so they already had their dinner. Which leads us to...

3) Food - Since it's already after dinner, you can just serve snacks, drinks, and desserts! It's easier and less messy. 

It's a Korean themed party so we made sure to have Binggrae (fish-shaped ice cream or Melona), cups of Spicy Ramyeun (don't forget the cheese singles!), Korean chips such as the ones with Honey Butter flavor, seaweed strips (also yummy with the ramyeun), boxes of Pepero, a bottle of soju, etcetera. 

We bought all these in SM Makati Supermarket's international section. 

4) Face Sheet Masks - What is a Korean slumber party without sheet masks?? I bought my masks online via Althea Korea. You can even bring those cute elastic headbands Koreans use for added "props"!

5) Other Korean Props - Bring everything that will emphasize your theme! For a Kdrama night, you can bring your Kdrama stuffed toys, oppa magazines and posters, wear Kdrama themed shirts (Bride of Habaek tee from Seoul Sisters), and make sure to play your KPop and KDrama playlist the whole night!

6) Kdrama Themed Online Invites! - Get your crew even more excited by sending out pretty online invitations days before the party! It doesn't have to be elaborate, you can easily create customizable themed invites online such as in Paperless Post. It even has an envelope and RSVP tracker!

Aside from the usual birthday or wedding invites, they even have a category for viewing parties:

You can put your logo, edit the text, customize the background and envelope, etc.

Sharing what I came up with for our Korean Drama Night!

It even has a map to the venue:

Featuring Korea In Manila's Logo, or you can add the face of you main oppa.

RSVP and Comment Wall: 

7) Bring your laptop and speakers - Lastly, if the hotel TV is not compatible with USB, bring your own laptop and speakers as back-up for your viewing party. Watch your favorite Korean drama via online streaming sites like

OF COURSE! It's a Nam Joo Hyuk night so we played our favorite Kim Bok Joo scenes, followed by NJH's Celebrity Bromance guesting with Jisoo!

It's a last minute thing, so imagine all the possibilities if you have more time to prepare! Posters and banners all over the walls? Matchy Kdrama costumes? Mini oppa standees on your desk?? Tweet to me your other Kdrama Night suggestions @anagon! 😊

 Best enjoyed, of course, with your favorite Kdrama Chingus! ❤

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