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Sunday, October 15, 2017

They say that changing the littlest things will make a good day become even more better. In short, life calls for a little upgrade from time to time.

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Upgrading is taking what already exists, maximize and improve them to make everyday life even more remarkable. Here are some of these smell steps I took to improve my lifestyle for the past months:

1) Ordinary Bus to P2P

I usually just take the ordinary bus whenever I commute from my home here in the south going to my events and meetings. I did not notice this before, but riding ordinary buses made me so anxious because of the space constraints, bad air conditioning, and heavy traffic from its routes. 

Now that I take the P2P, I don't have to worry about these things. P2P buses leave on schedule regardless if the transportation is filled up or not. They also use tap-card payment scheme, I don't have to wait for the bus conductor to give my payment (and wait even more for my change dahil walang barya). P2P buses are also new, spacious, and well-maintained. Definitely a life upgrade for me as a commuter! 

2) Instant Coffee to Brewed Coffee

I didn't realized this before, but my daily instant coffee habit was not healthy at all. A pack of instant coffee is usually filled with sugar, so imagine consuming that everyday! A life upgrade is converting my usual instant coffee to a mug of brewed coffee. It tastes better, it is healthier for me, and smells so, so good!

3) Fujifilm XA2 to Fujifilm XT10

I finally decided to let go of my old mirrorless camera and go for a Fujifilm XT10, one of the most recommended cameras by my fellow bloggers. Shutter is even faster, photo quality more crisp, this gadget upgrade inspired me again to take better pictures for my blog.

4) Normal Beddings to White Comforter and Duvet

One instant life upgrade is replacing my normal beddings to white comforter and duvet. I always have a hard time sleeping, so doing this makes bedtime feel extra comfortable as if I'm in a hotel staycation.

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5) And then there's bath oil

I finally tried BeachBorn's new Frankincense Bath Oil, which helps moisturize my hair and skin with just a few drops on my bath water. It doesn't add time to my daily preparation, plus it also feels extra luxurious to use!

6) 3G to LTE

Last but not the least, I am so happy when I learned that Sun Cellular rises back brighter by launching high-speed internet with a more improved and wider LTE coverage! Sobrang nakakaganda ng araw!

I've been using Sun since 2014, and I must say this network upgrade will make surfing, downloading, gaming, streaming music, and of course watching my Kdramas easier and speedier. Best part is, using Sun is still very affordable!

 Headlining the campaign are the newest Sun endorsers, Vic Sotto, Maja Salvador, and Matteo Guidicelli:

If you are also a fellow Sun subscriber, join the upgrade by having your old 3G SIM replaced in Sun Shops with LTE-ready SIM for FREE! If you're not using Sun yet, Sun LTE-ready SIM is now available for only Php 35 (available in regular, micro, and nano SIM sizes). For more information, follow Sun Postpaid on Facebook.

Share to me how you make your life a little bit better! Comment below or Tweet me @anagon for your tips. ❤

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