Packing for Japan (Autumn)

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Less than a month till my most awaited trip back in Japan, and this time's it's for autumn! I am so anxious to leave already! I've been to Japan during spring last 2015, and it has been my dream to see this beautiful country accented by reds and browns!

Wearing maroon tights and sporting red hair during my first autumn in LA:

Autumn in Jeju Island, Korea last year:

Anyway, this post is dedicated to my outfit planning. I'll be in Japan from early to mid November, so temperature will definitely drop, if not the whole day, most especially at night time. Sharing some notes in case you're also having an autumn trip next month!

Autumn Fashion Color Palettes:

1) All-Black
2) Olive
3) Mustard
4) Maroon
5) Rust
6) Brown
7) Tan
8) Orange

I love getting pegs from store mannequin styling! Def stealing ideas from these looks from Zara:

All-black outfits look so polished in any season:

Very-autumn color combination: olive jacket with brown midi skirt, Tokyo 2016:

Another monochrome look, but this time in tan:

Prints for Autumn Styling:

1) Leopard
2) Camo
3) Dark Plaid
4) Dark Floral

Water-repellent and chic camo bags from Japanese brand Rootote, available in their first store in the country at SM North The Block:

These chic Rootote totes are also available in black and tan. Super in love with these!

Pieces to Bring:

1) Coats
2) Sweaters
3) Pants
4) Leggings
5) Tights

Well put-together autumn looks in Stradivarius:

Terno stripes on stripes look, Osaka 2015:

Clothing Materials:

1) Leather
2) Fleece
3) Faux Fur
4) Corduroy
5) Heat Tech

A black or brown leather jacket just looks so good during autumn:

Always a fan of Uniqlo's heat tech and fleece:

Eyeing these fleece jackets + skirts from Uniqlo:


1) Gloves
2) Breathing Mask
3) Scarves
4) Hat / Cap
5) Bag
6) Sneakers

Masks are actually big help to me when it's super cold:

Cute bucket hat adds a little extra to the look, and also very functional for sudden rains:

So cute! Rootote furry bag keychains are also available in their first branch in the country:

Rootote stylish and roomy 2-way backpacks:

Cute Japanese girls with their Rootote backpacks: 

Still, my faves are these Rootote short-handle handbags: 
 If I were to bring just one pair of footwear for the whole trip, it will be my new black Skechers YOU sneakers:

Very versatile and minimalist, these sneakers are comfortable and lightweight enough for the gym to the office, and even for travels!

Made with cushioned insole, soft woven mesh and sock-like knit fabricator:

Final Tips for Packing for an Autumn Trip:

1) Some will prefer boots, but if you're expecting a lot of walking, well-cushioned pair of sneakers like Skechers YOU is still ideal. Your feet will thank you for it!

2) Heat Tech tights and long sleeves will save you from the cold AND some luggage space since they're relatively less bulky and more lightweight than regular pants and cable-knit sweaters.

3) Invest in basic coats that you can easily pair with any outfits. I have no regrets buying a black coat and brown coat years ago since I still use them till now!

4) When sight-seeing, backpacks like the ones from Rootote makes life easier for you since it frees both your hands, plus it can fit all your things and even have more space for your shopping!

5) If you get cold easily, buy some heat packs in convenience stores all over Japan. You can also bring gloves and scarves for added warmth.

Got any more packing tips for autumn? Feel free to add more to this list by commenting below!

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