A Very Korean Saturday + The Opening of Nature Republic in Venice Piazza Grand Canal Mall (Daming Promo!)

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Last Saturday was very Korean-themed for me.. and hindi sadya! Aside from scheduling our Korean Christmas Party on that day, I also got an invite for the opening of the new branch of Nature Republic here in Manila. I learned that Ava was also invited to the launch, so we decided to drop by together at the Venice Piazza Grand Canal Mall in Fort to check it out before going to the party.

Nature Republic has been around the country for years now. The nearest branch from where I live is in Festival Mall Alabang, and I think they reopened it again recently. It is not till recently though, when I started going to Korea that I appreciate this makeup and skincare brand. They are so popular in Myeongdong for their aloe products, sheet masks, and of course EXO collab collections!

They sell this set of EXO hand cream for Php 1595. Hati hati nalang kayo ng friends mo! Hehe.

Hair products for men:

Freebies by the counter! Get these EXO mini standees when your purchase reaches Php 1000!

So much finds in this store:

For the tint fans like me (not really into lippies), they have several options:

I think this is their most affordable tint, Real Gel Tint in Red, Pink, and Orange for Php 225 only:

This Triple Mousse Tint comes in four shades and are really hard to wipe off! A tube is for Php 585.

Another tint is their Pure Shine Vivid Water Tint with more watery consistency (Php 375):

After several rubbing with tissue, may natitira parin sa swatches:

Tubes of CC and BB Cream in cute, minimalist packaging:

More makeup! Blush, concealer, powder, and eyebrow-cara:

Aside from makeup, they also have products for your hair, skin, face, and body:

Charcoal masks from Php 375 to 545:

Argan oil products:

Their popular tub of Aloe Vera is for Php 245 only, or get 5 tubs and get 1 tub for free!

Aside from tubs, I also saw their Aloe Vera in tube, spray, and wipes!

The usual pasalubong from Korea! Haha! Variety of hand cream in cute packaging:

Hoarded the face sheet masks, Php 550 for a pack:

Makeup tools section:

 Check out these bundles for Christmas:

 Interesting chamomile line:

 Since it's their opening, Nature Republic is offering a special promo of 10% off in all regular priced products!

Woohoo! So happy with my K-Beauty haul! 

 What I got: Aloe Vera in tub and tube, oil control sheets, face masks, lip tints, eyebrow-cara, and makeup sponge! I am sure these will be super useful for me in the coming days! Please do follow Nature Republic Philippines on Facebook if you want more updates on their promos and new store launches!

Right after the shopping party, Ava and I ran to Seolhwa Cafe in The Forum, BGC to meet Ashley and our readers! When we entered the bingsu place, there were about 4 to 5 of them na waiting for us! Wah!! 

Weeee! Didn't expect that people will come, TBH! Haha! I was so nervous while we were on the way to the venue!

We decided to have a bingsu party for this year. Original plan was to have cheese ramyeun and Melona in Secham Makati, but later on the three of us agreed that bowls of bingsu feels more festive!

I am not sure who coined the term, but either Ava or Ashley said that this is the Oppa Buffet! Hehehe! I gave away most of the K stuff I was supposed to sell during BU (but left the box in our car!). These are cards and magnets featuring some of my favorite Korean idols like Hyung Sik, Nam Joo Hyuk and Lee Min Ho. Hehehe.

We even had a kris kringle! Thank you to those who brought gifts to share!

I hosted a raffle where I also giveaway some of my excess K stuff at home, from calendars to Kbeauty products. Our grand prize is this LOTBS pink octopus, and Veronica won!

My favorite part was when Chelsi suggested I hold a game, so I finally had the courage to bring up my plan of getting everyone to play our own version of a quiz bee with K-drama related questions! Hahaha! Everyone's super game, and ang galing coz lahat ng trivia may naka sagot! Haha! Congrats Team Ava for winning, and thank you to Chelsi for being my partner Game Master!! Special thanks also to Ilahui Philippines for our loot bags and raffle prizes!!

Group photos, of course, before calling it a night! Thank you everyone for braving the holiday rush and transpo fare surge just to be with us that day! It's our very first, and hopefully not the last K Christmas Party! I had a great time chatting with everyone, and learning a little bit about people I only interact online!!

Thank you Roz, Chelsi, Veronica, Maine, Shems, Leirs, Katrin, Riza, and Gmae!

And of course a special thanks to my Korea In Manila chingus Ava and Ashley for saying yes, no hesitations, when I brought up just last week that I want to hold a Korea party for our readers! Ahhh.. life has been good and my heart is full!


  1. Thank you so much Ate Ana and to Ate Ava and Ashley too #TripleAs <3 So happy to bond with you ates. Let's do this again soon? :)

  2. Awww super kilig ako na fave part mo yun korean quiz bee. Mas prepared na next time. Haha. ❤❤❤ Thanks again unni. I really had fun sa party na to. Can't wait for the next one. 😘😘

  3. May I know saan banda sa Grand Canal Mall ang Nature Republic? Thanks in advance.


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