How to go from Bohol to Cebu (via ferry)

Monday, December 18, 2017

My maleta and my legs squeezed inside the tiny tricycle on my way to Tagbilaran's seaport:
My last local trip for the year was a mini adventure. I had two events in the Visayas region of our country, and decided to say yes to both of them! First part was in Bohol to support AirAsia and World Vision Philippines' initiatives. It has been a good year, and I vow to try my very best to dedicate more of my time for charitable causes. I already blogged about this experience HERE. After the our World Vision school beneficiary visit, we also had around a day for exploring. If you're visiting this beautiful province soon, here's a list of things to do when you're in Bohol.

On our second day, when my group left for the airport, I transferred to a smaller hotel and spent the night in Tagbilaran. Time flew by as I rested. It was already dark when I went to the nearest mall and had dinner in The Buzz Cafe by Bohol Bee Farm. There's not much to do in the mall, so I just bought some grocery necessities that were not provided by the hotel. I went back in my room and finished While You Were Sleeping, and was sleepy again by the time I switched off the lights.

The next day, I had time for breakfast since my early morning flight (easiest way to transfer from Bohol to Cebu) was not booked. Okay nadin, more time to chill.

I had a short downtime before leaving my hotel going to the seaport. I conveniently booked my tickets for Tagbilaran to Cebu online via SuperCat by 2GO's website. I am not sure if there are price differences if I book onsite or if in advance, but I only paid less than Php 800 for a business class ticket booked on the last minute with my mobile phone. 

It says in the booking site that I have to print out my ticket. I asked the receptionist of our hotel and was told that they don't have a printer, but there's a computer shop walking distance from the hotel. Ang effort, so I thought bahala na pag dating dun.

It was a quick tricycle ride to Tagbilaran's seaport. I read online that although they are not as strict as airports, please be there at least one hour before your time of departure to avoid delays. The tricycle ride costed me Php 20 only, with a travel time of 15 minutes!

Ang cute ng basurahan, hehe:

I had no difficulties looking for the ticket booths, I just asked for SuperCat, and the kuyas in the area just pointed me to the right teller. I explained to the lady in the window that I don't have a printer in my hotel, so she took my phone, typed something in her computer, then handed me a printout of my ticket. Super easy!

Here's the daily ferry schedule for SuperCat. You can even take a Bohol day tour if you're in Cebu! 

The kuya here checked my ticket, asked for Php 50, and then labelled and took my luggage. He said that I don't have to think about it na, sila na bahala. 

I have less than an hour of waiting time here in this crowded room. Aside from SuperCat, another ferry option is Oceanjet. I decided to take SuperCat just because I've already tried their huge ferry before, years ago, for a media event to Bacolod-Iloilo. It was my first ferry experience, and we even stayed and slept in their hotel-type rooms!

A sign will beep and the small TV screen in front will indicate if it's time to board already.

Finally, walking to our ferry! Estimate travel time from Bohol to Cebu via water is for 2 hours.

I am seeing so much blues, it makes me so happy! I was about to keep this a secret to my mom who has water phobia (because of drowning when she was younger), but I took photos of the beautiful sights and just have to share it to our family's Facebook groups! I added the message "Wag ka matakot mom, safe naman ito!" Hehehe. I got my reply while we were midway cruise, mom said "Okay lang, malaki naman yung boat and maganda ang weather."

Not sure what they call this section, but we passed by this area before the business class:

SuperCat's business class is just this small, but very comfortable. We have nice seats, room is fully air conditioned, and we have our own restroom:

There are two TV screens in the business class. They showed here the safety precautions while onboard, a prayer when we started moving, and then a movie during the whole ride. 

Solo ko lang these seats, yey hehe! My seat number was assigned at the counter where I left my luggage. Thank you for giving me the window seat and yung wala pang katabi!

There's an outlet right in front of me and naisip ko wow pwede mag charge! Ang laki din ng legroom,  naka carpet yung flooring, and very clean and well-maintained ang seats.

I listened to my Kdrama OSTs for the whole 2-hour cruise. Ang sarap lang mag emote while overlooking the endless blues... Best part is may signal padin Suncell ko most of the time! Haha! 

Didn't get to catch up with my sleep, I think super excited ko ata for the second part of my Visayas adventure! Haha! I was also super ecstatic to be alone in a ferry. I was savoring every minute with this wonderful view that 2 hours just flew by! I just live for new experiences!!

Next post: Cebu Food Crawl.

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