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Monday, January 29, 2018

Back in Seoul, and after days of being on the road, I am glad that one of my last activities before going home is a Whoo Spa Beauty Care Package - Trazy Care -- The ultimate pamper time while in South Korea!

You can actually book this package in advance via, a Korea-based booking site where you can find all sorts of activities that you can avail during your trip in Seoul, Busan, Jeju, etc. This is my favorite online travel agency because they have a lot of things to offer, pricing is good, and the website is super easy to navigate. They even have honest to goodness testimonials per activity from real people who've tried them. 

Anyway, so on my second to the last day in Korea I found myself in Sinsa district of Seoul, one of the upscale wards in Gangnam. Before heading to my strictly by appointment spa session, I even had enough time to get a coffee in the nearby 88Mansion, the coffee shop of actor Lee Jong-Suk! After that, I was still early for my appointment and so I strolled around Garosugil, and tried to look for Whoo Spa already.

It is in a residential area, walking distance from the main road and Sinsa Station. From outside, you will think it's just a house! But they have signs by their gate, and they are also easy to navigate with Google Maps.

I tried to ring the door bell and it was still around 6pm, my appointment is still at 8pm. As expected, I received no response. But when I got there at 8pm, at first ring of the doorbell, the gate opened, and I was welcomed in by their lovely receptionist named Yehwa.

By the entrance, I removed my sneakers and was given a soft pair of slippers. I was asked to be seated in their receiving area, where I was offered some special type of tea. They also asked if I needed to use the comfort room first. It was cold outside, and the friendly vibe of the place and the staff was a nice warmth during that winter night!

First things first, I filled up this form where I placed my details, and some things about me like allergies, skin type, massage pressure preference, etc. One particular question that I was amaze is the "finishing" where I get to choose if I want BB Cream or Sun Cream after my facial!

Without any fuss, they lead me to the VIP room, and I felt extra excited!

They gave me time to settle inside the room, and change out of my clothes. There are hangers and a box where I can place all my things. I also had the chance to check out the many products and machines that they use for the treatments and I am so amazed! Koreans really take their skincare and therapies seriously! Lights were dim to set the comfortable vibe, temperature of the place is nice and warm, curtains are thick enough for good privacy, plus I was directed to just lie face down on their massage bed when I am done.

Ahhh.. If only my nightly skincare looks as beautiful as these jars and bottles! Whoo Spa uses products from The History of Whoo, SU: M37, and O Hui--a brand endorsed by the beautiful actress Shin Min A!

A little nook for all my things, I was carrying a lot that day because I also came from Myeongdong for shopping and a kimchi 101 class! Haha!

When you go to, there are various services offered by Whoo Spa including Facial Care, Body Care, and VIP to VVIP Care. That night I was booked for their Trazy Care, which I think is a good deal as it combines their basic facial and a good back and shoulders massage all for 100 minutes. 

Here's a summary of the whole Whoo Spa Beauty Care Package - Trazy Care:

Aromatherapy Back Massage - Facial Cleansing - Exfoliation - Oxygen Deep Cleansing - Face Slimming Massage - Facial Ampoule (concentrated serum) - Facial Mask Pack - Revitalizing Care

For the back massage, they use jojoba oil to facilitate blood circulation and to detoxify the skin. My masseur also asks if the pressure is just right, and gives a little info for each step we went through. It also felt good that she directed more time and pressure on my right shoulder, which was hurting during the past days after carrying a heavy bag and camera while touring!

It's in every little detail! This, I think, is one of those extras that made the service in Whoo Spa highly recommended. Not even mentioned in the menu, I also got a cool machine leg and foot massage during my facial! 

What to expect during your Whoo Spa basic facial: 

It's my first time to get a facial outside of my usual clinic here in Manila, and I have nothing but good words with the effect of Whoo Spa on my skin! First, they did not involve uncomfortable steaming, but they used another process (I just felt the hot towel over my face, except my nose and mouth, so I breathed comfortably). I also did not feel any pricking. They used a lot of cream and face massages, and ended it with a mask.

After 100 minutes, I wished to stay even longer! Haha! The tightness from my shoulder muscles loosened up, and my face!! I did not expect that there were NO downtimes compared to my usual facial experiences. I can go to the mall or to my events even after a facial here in Whoo Spa because there weren't any redness. I decided to not use any finishing (from sunblock or BB cream) since I'll be heading straight at home already that night. But looking at the mirror and my post-care photos, I just achieved chok chok skin after the Whoo Spa facial!

Post-care tea and snacks, I was also asked by their receptionist on my thoughts and of course I have nothing but good words! I also took photos with my attendant and the nice staff who welcomed me in the spa before I headed to the train station for home (it was almost 10pm already).

Why I will recommend Whoo Spa:

1) Worth the price! My Whoo Spa Beauty Care Package - Trazy Care is a bit of a splurge, but worth to experience it if you want the Korean care when you find yourself in Seoul.

2) Great service, products, and facilities! Feel like a celebrity the moment you stepped in the spa. 

3) Knowledgeable staff! You know you're in good hands as only well-trained masseur will handle all the services.

4) Good results! Best part is not getting breakouts after the facial, and my skin was glowing and extra moisturized!

5) They value your privacy! Expect the place all to yourself! Since the treatment is by appointment, I realized that I did not see a single other client while I was in Whoo Spa. This means that attention will all be directed to your needs and concerns. Maybe this is one of the reasons why celebs prefer Whoo Spa.

My post-treatment face (and smile!) haha! You wouldn't think I went through a facial, no redness and downtime! 

Thank you Whoo Spa and for the pamper-time experience, Korean style! For sure this will not be my last visit! 

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