Update Your Beauty Stash This 2018: Complete Makeup from Fashion21 for Just Php 1500+!

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Happy New Year! I am sure it's the perfect time to update you looks and beauty stash. If you're like me who's a noob when it comes to makeup, then you will appreciate these quality yet affordable products from local brand Fashion 21.

What I appreciate about makeup:

1) Good packaging - will not spill in my bag, easy to grip, easy to open
2) Highly pigmented - will show in just the first swipe
3) Different shades - options for all skin tones
4) Easy on the pocket - will not break the bank
5) Compact - easy to bring even on travels

To be fair, all these products I got from Fashion 21 have these qualities! If you're just building your makeup kit, then you may want to check out the following:

1) Fashion 21 Perfect Stick With Tea Tree - Php 195 each

This concealer stick can be used as base makeup and is perfect for curing and hiding your skin’s imperfections — all thanks to its tea tree oil content.

The Fashion 21 Perfect Stick With Tea Tree is available in four different shades: Okinawa Tea, Warm Tea, Milk Tea, and Irish Tea:

2) Fashion 21 2Way Cake with Tea Tree - Php 199.50 each

Maintain a shine-free and blemish-free skin all-day long with this two-way cake! It has tea tree oil that helps lighten skin imperfections that’s why it is perfect for oily skin.

It comes in four shades too: (1,2,3,4)

3) Fashion 21 All Day Matte Lipstick - Php 175 each

Tiny bullets! This color rich and long lasting matte lip color has a light and hydrating formula that you can wear anytime, anywhere. It comes in 15 shades ranging from browns to reds and pinks, and very affordable too!









4) Fashion 21 Fine Blush Powder - Php 180 each

This fine, mineral-based powder blush is highly pigmented. I super love its compact packaging, which already comes with a brush and mirror that makes for an easy and convenient application.

It comes in six shades (1,2,3,4,5,6)

5) Fashion 21 Liquid Eyeliner Pen - Php 225 each

This precise felt tip pen glides smoothly so you can line and define your eyes just like the pros do for the perfect cat eyes.

6) Fashion 21 Water Resistant Mascara - around Php 140 each

This long-wearing, water-resistant mascara stays all day long while conditioning your lashes for a longer and fuller effect.

It comes in Clear, Brown, and Black:

7) Fashion 21 Color Set - Php 395 each set

You don't have to buy individual pots or carry different eyeshadows on your next trip with Fashion 21's Color Set. A palette comes with 48 vibrant shades to match any outfit, mood, or occasion.

What I love about the F21 Color Set:

1) Compact design - comes with a sleek case, mirror, and two small brushes.
2) Colors - you get to choose from 48 different shades, all very vibrant and pigmented. One shade is enough, and great also for blending!
3) Options - F21 Color Set comes in two shades, from pastels to earth tones.
4) Affordable - imagine getting 48 eye colors for less than Php 500?!
5) Silky texture - they easily glide, and delivers the color in just one to two swipes.

To me, the crucial part of a makeup is always the eyes. That's why I'd rather have bold brows over lips! If I have the time, I also wear eyeliner, curl my lashes, and add depth to my tiny eyes using the magic of eyeshadow! A little goes a long way, just adding a color or two on my eyes adds a little extra to my whole look!

TOTAL = Php 1509.50

Imagine creating different looks without breaking the bank?

For more information, visit and follow Fashion 21 Cosmetics on Facebook!

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