On Getting My Own Car + Choosing the Right Road Trip Vehicle!

Monday, February 26, 2018

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I've been traveling for a few years now that most of my funds go to my trip expenses. But recently, I finally caught myself unreluctant in discussing to my dad about owning a car. I used to shove the topic before because I know I can't afford it! Although it seems to still be a far off goal, I knew that someday I have to get my very own vehicle and even learn how to drive. For me, it's a basic life skill, and I can see myself achieving this at least by next year! 🙏

Road trip with my blog friends to Pampanga a few weeks ago for the Hot Air Balloon Festival:

Here are the reasons why I am now open to getting my own car:

1) I think it is more economical, compared to my UBER and Grab expenses. Just a few days ago, I compared my taxi fares with my sisters who has their own cars for years now, and I think I spend even more compared to them!

2) Safety reasons! It's now more than ever scarier to commute, plus our public transportation system in the country are always in wreck!

3) And of course, having my own car means more ROAD TRIPS! I can just imagine monthly beach trips, nature escapes, and food hunts that are just about 2-3 hours away from the city. There's so much freedom that comes in owning a car, plus I would love to see more of the country I live in!

Some of my favorite recent road trips ....

A beautiful view of Clark, Pampanga during Hot Air Balloon Festival:

Sunset surfing in La Union:

Las Casas Filipinas De Acuzar in Bataan:

Now what specific car model to get? Every year, test hundreds of models to advice car buyers on what's the best options in the market. New cars and redesigned models are introduced year after year, so it's best to get to know which ones perform well through's Best of 2018 Awards. I am also sharing my notes below while researching for my future "car goals".

How to Choose the Right Road Trip Vehicle:

1) Car's Capacity - How many persons will fit in the car? How's the legroom? How many luggages and other gears will fit the vehicle? I used to dream of owning a cute Beetle or any small car, but now I have to consider space constraints especially since I also participate in bazaars where huge car cargo capacity is required!

2) Choose A Car with Great Gas Mileage - Best to get a fuel efficient vehicle. Make sure you won't be spending too much on gas with a car that needs constant refill.

3) Car's Comfort - Make sure that your road trips equate to smooth and comfortable rides by testing the car first around the block. How's the suspension? Is it a quiet ride? Are the seats comfortable? Make a list of your car non-negotiables to make sure your vacation will run smoothly.

4) Car's Safety Features - Almost all recently released cars have the basic safety features such as seat belts, but you can also avail other care safety devices including airbags, seat belt alerts, backup cameras, and even automatic emergency braking.

4) Car Technology (Entertainment and GPS) - You'll be on the road for hours, so make sure you enjoy the journey with a playlist that you can connect to a car with Bluetooth capabilities. Staying on the right course, you might also need an in-car GPS.

Pretending to know what I am doing, haha:

Are you planning to get your own car soon? And do you have more tips for me, a soon-to-be car owner? 🚙🚗

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