Travel Hacks: Skincare, Beauty, and Makeup

Friday, March 16, 2018

I'm traveling again soon, so I find myself preparing and packing a few stuff everyday till my flight. The earlier the better, so I can edit them again day-by-day before I actually leave. You know how much I love my facial regimen, but as much as I would like to bring my whole skincare and makeup kit, my luggage allowance wouldn't permit me to do it, hehe. Thanks to my past trips, I've learned a few tips and "hacks" on what beauty and makeup products to bring for my travels, and so I thought of sharing them here! 

If you have more strategies to share, then please do comment them on this post so we can learn from each other! 

Here goes mine.....

1) Instead of packing bottles of serums, ampoules, and essences, why not just bring sheet masks?

They are lighter and also works as good as your favorite gels and creams. My current favorite are the sheet masks from Mediheal, now available in Watsons and online via Lazada.

2) Instead of bringing aerosol spray with dry shampoo or your bulky hair ironing and curling tools, try these hair products instead: Beach Born's Sea Salt Spray that gives your hair texture, and Human Nature's 100% Natural Conditioning Hair Mist for softer and mabango hair. Beach Born also has dry shampoo in small spray bottles so it's allowed even on your hand-carry.

3) For short trips, you can put a few of your favorite cream or gel products in small containers or those tiny contact lens cases instead of bringing the whole thing. Make sure to label them so you won't mix up which is which!

4) Same with number 3, but this time you can buy those small travel kit bottles for your shampoo and conditioner. Btw, you also get a free pouch when you buy the Dove Intense Repair Regimen Pack (shampoo and conditioner) in Lazada for only Php 235.50! You can use these colorful pouch to store your small bottles for travel.

5) All-around products are your best friends! 

Beach Born's Aloeha! is not only a lip balm, but can also be used as moisturizer for your cuticles and elbows, and highlighter for your lids. Meanwhile, celebrities swear by Lucas Papaw Ointment for all their moisturizing needs.

Instead of bringing individual pans of makeup, I use lip and cheek tint like Careline Jelly Tint and Bobbie Brown's Art Sticks that you can use as blush, lipstick, and if you are good with blending--maybe even to add color on your lids!

6) I am a fan of retractable makeup brushes because they are more hygienic to use and bring around on your travels. Got this from Daiso in Tokyo, but I also saw something similar in department stores like Landmark.

7) I put my cute, empty BB cushion cases to use again as individual storage for my makeup sponges. I am OC when it comes to stuff I use on my face, haha!

8) Small, tube type perfumes will save a lot of space on your vanity kit. Or try the 5mL perfume pods like this blue one from Travalo which, with its spill proof technology, you can easily refill with your favorite perfume.

9) Common technique: Simply buy sachets or small bottles of your essentials. PH Care has feminine wash in super small bottles and sachets, while my skincare favorite iWhite Korea also sell their products in sachets.

Or 10) Make use of the freebies and samples you get from hotels or some beauty stores that give them away! Don't we all have a stash of these at home??

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