How To Keep Hydrated This Summer + Review of the New Cream Silk Fresh Hydration

Wednesday, April 04, 2018

With summer comes dry skin, body dehydration, and even drier hair! Now that I am back for a while here in our tropical home, I prepared a few products (new and old) that I will use to keep myself hydrated for the coming days. Sharing to you my short list!

1) Sunblock that protects my skin from the sun + hydrates it at the same time + doesn't harm the environment! My go-to is Human Nature's Safe Protect Sunscreen: 

2) A face mist like 3CE's, or you can just use refillable spritz bottle and put water or your favorite toner in it.

3) Sheet masks like these ones from Mediheal are my instant solution to dry facial patches!

4) Load up on water or B'lue Water-Based Drink that's filled with vitamins, and refreshing at the same time hydrating for the body!

And of course, 5) Do not neglect your hair this summer! Cream Silk Fresh Hydration is the brand's new variant that I absolutely love to use ever since I got home and tried this limited edition!

Here's my review of the product after 5 days of continuous use:

1) I love its smell! It stays on my hair even after it already dries, and after a long day! I feel fresh whenever my hair is still mabango at the end of the day.

2) My hair is softer and lighter, and not STICKY AND HEAVY. Usually this is the effect of conditioner on my limp hair, but the Cream Silk Fresh Hydration does not wear down my locks!

3) No un-rinsed feeling after use.

4) When it comes to packaging, I love the cool color blue, it reminds me so much of the ocean! Even the product is in light shade of blue. The Cream Silk Fresh Hydration also comes in two sizes so you can choose what suites your preference. The squeeze tube is also easier to use, and madaling simutin the contents without wasting any product!

5) I feel that my falling hair lessened since I used this, maybe it's because my comb glides through my hair more smoothly than before.

6) And lastly, it is also very affordable at only Php 109 (170mL) and Php 197.50 (340mL)! This product is also accessible and easy to purchase at leading supermarkets and drugstores nationwide.

More details at the back of the tube:

Summer is supposed to be carefree, but make sure to also take care of your body from head to toe to keep the fun rolling! Where are your summer destinations? And how do YOU keep yourselves hydrated from head to toe? 💙

Two destinations coming up this month, and I am SUPER EXCITED!!! 

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