How I Travel: My Usual Jam-Packed Day in Seoul (DAY 2 SPRING IN SEOUL)

Tuesday, April 03, 2018

I've said this a million times in my former blog posts, but if you're a new reader, here's how I fix my most recent Korea itineraries!

I do TRY to plan them on-the-dot, day-by-day, even BY THE HOUR just so I won't waste a day. But for Kdrama locations, I simply just make a LIST of locations I want to go to or I haven't been to and not be OC on the dates. 

I will write down the place, then research the nearest train line either by Google or by checking out Google Maps. And after all these important information (nearest subway, nearest exit, name of the place in real life so I can navigate them through Google Maps), I will arrange all of them by train line so I can go to the closer ones in one day and hindi yung patalon talon ako sa malalayo at magkakalayong locations!

I love the outdoor train stations of Seoul during spring! It's not so cold, and the air is really nice and fresh!

Subway billboards in Korea usually features Kpop and Kdrama celebs, and these are paid by their fans especially during their birthday month!

Filling you in on how PACKED my day 2 went....

Madagascar - Cafe Where Kim Bok Joo Got Jealous!

You will remember this scene even when I don't show photos or clips from the series. This is the cafe where Kim Bok Joo got so jealous when she saw Joon Hyung on a blind date with his swimmer friend, haha! She called his phone and then warned that she's just watching him nearby! Dito ata sila unang nabuking na couple, hehehehe.

Madagascar is a beautiful cafe in real life. It has a rustic and artsy feel, I must say, even homey! Like most Korean coffee shops, they serve pastries along with coffee. I went here for a quick morning caffeine fix so tuhog nadin na Kdrama location pa sya!

There are only about three groups dined in when I was there, but it was also too quiet that I was afraid the shutter of my camera might disturb the person near me who was reading the day's newspaper! Haha!

Hot latte for energy!

It's a pretty place noh???

HOW TO GO: Hyochang Park Station Exit 1 or 2. Copy-Paste and follow this on your Google Maps: 37.542075, 126.962288. The cafe is on your right side.

Gyeongui Line Forest Trail / Book Street - Date Spot in Several Kdramas including I Am Not A Robot and Because This Is My First Life!

A lot of Korean dramas dubbed this area as a date spot and a hot place for the youth! When I went there, it was tanghaling tapat and nakakapaso talaga ang init ng araw! I love the vibe though, it's not so crowded that I won't recognize it from the scenes on Kdramas. It also has a very artsy vibe, and said to be where Hongdae's vibrant culture originated! I also saw cube structures that resemble train cars, and inside you will see shelves of books like a mini library! 

On the side of the streets there are cute indie cafes and shops, and even mainstream shops made to look indie and artsy. Meanwhile, on the center you will find a train railroad na hindi na dinadaanan ng train, and where you'll see locals and tourists alike enjoy taking their pictures. Hindi nakaka hiyang mag self-timer shots! Hehehe.

These are some of the Kdramas that were shot somewhere in Gyeongui Line Forest Trail:

Because This Is My First Life:

Favorite scene in I Am Not A Robot:

The portable toilet scene in Laughter in Waikiki:

HOW TO GO: Go to Hyochang Park Station Line 6 & Gyeongui–Jungang Line, Exit 4. The park is just outside the station, just walk and walk!

Style Nanda Pink Pool Cafe - Hongdae Branch!

This is my second Pink Pool Cafe, the genius created by Korean clothing and beauty brand Style Nanda to lure pink-loving, Instagram addicts into their store! Now not just for clothes, accessories, and makeup, they have a cafe in their Hongdae flagship store that's so pink, cute, and even has a pool! Aesthetics overload!

In between coffee, I can leave my things without worries on the dining area while I go around and take self-timer shots by the pool! Kyeopta land!

Even their foods, most are sweets, are so pretty and photogenic! You take your pick from a counter, then bring it to the cashier where you can also order your drink.

Also inside the store is the usual Style Nanda and 3CE boutique, with the cafe on the top floor, so before reaching there you will be tempted by the other pretty stuff they sell!


 They know the game! Style Nanda Photo Booth where a couple was taking their sweet time! Haha!

Another photo corner that says "SHALLOW: NO CONTENT" 

How To Go: Long walk from Gyeongui Line Forest Park or go down Hongik University Station, Exit 7. Copy-Paste and follow the directions on your Google Maps: Style Nanda Hongdae.

Read my mini tour blog post on Style Nanda Pink Hotel in Myeongdong.

House and Wall in Bride of Habaek

It's already mid afternoon and I still have some time to spare before meeting up with Anj, so I decided to check out the wall from Bride of Habaek! Haha! Here's what I realized from doing Kdrama tours: Go to the place not because it is where a Kdrama was shot pero sa totoo lang hindi mo naman talaga natatandaan or not so significant for you yung scene na naganap dun. Go where kahit balibaliktarin at napaka dami mo nang mapanood, you'll still remember the scenes from that exact same spot!

For me, that's the case for Ssangmun-Dong Alley (Reply 1988), the stage in I Am Not A Robot, and the brick wall in Bride of Habaek where Habaek always stand next to while waiting for So-ah to come home! Yung wall talaga!

It was a loooong walk from the train station! Nakaka loka! It's a residential area, and bahay din talaga yung pupuntahan ko! Bahay ni Habaek! Haha! Heading back, I remembered just taking a cab to return to the subway. It was a long walk, but I strolled with pacing and just enjoyed the sights. Ang daming cute stores you'll pass by, plus the weather that day is really good!

Cute stores sighting during my long walk:

And finally, hindi makaka-ila! It's the wall!!! Sayang wala na yung sulat of their names, huhu.

This is also the house (Goodberry Entertainment), and makikita mo lang sa side yung brick wall. Walang katao-tao so I was able to take pictures, selfies, and even self-timer shots! Be extra quiet though since residential area sya.

"Nothing is easyyyy ... yeah nothing is easyyy!" Haha!

How To Go: Ahyeon Station Exit 1 or 2. Long walk, just follow this on your Google Maps: 37.565169, 126.951081 or 114 Bugahyeon-ro, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, South Korea

20 Space: Cube's Cafe

Met up with Anj again that night, who introduced me to her friend Jari who is also a Pinay now studying in Korea. We went to a coffee shop to wait for Jari's Korean friend so we can attend for the first time a Korean Bowing Ceremony. Her friend Emillie knows how to speak Filipino fluently coz she studied college here! Nakakaaliw!

Anyway, the cafe turned out to be 20 Space, Cube Entertainment's own coffee shop! Sayang I wasn't able to go around, but you'll see memorabilia on the side featuring some of Cube's talent. I had a cup of hot vanilla latte since it's starting to get cold again outside. It's a bit pricey, but good! Sabi nila some talents will do spontaneous fan service and visit the cafe, so pray na maswertehan ka during your visit!

When we walked out of the cafe, we also tried these delicious Korean street foods before heading to the venue of the ceremony.

 Experiencing a Traditional Korean Bowing Ceremony!

Since no photos were allowed, I only got to take pictures after everything. I have no expectations from the activity, but I said yes because 1) I had nothing else new to do in Seoul, 2) I also welcome and crave for human interactions from time to time whenever I solo travel!, 3) I am willing to learn something new!

The bowing ceremony, as they say, can only happen once in your lifetime. We practiced for a few minutes, before heading inside a small room with all the other guests (all wearing hanboks). I cannot recount how many minutes or hours we were there, but it was a tiring but reflective moment. The main point of the ceremony is putting your mind to your own family members who has passed away. We also thanked our ancestors for continuing to watch over everyone who is still journeying here on earth. We did this while bowing down on our knees, and getting up again several times, repetitively, like how you see sometimes in period dramas.

After the ceremony, we had eating time and assessment time and the photo taking time. Through this, I learned and appreciated how Koreans are so much similar from us Filipinos in terms of being family oriented and religious even though we have different means of expressing them. And of course, at the end of every ritual or ceremony, don't we always conclude with sharing good food? ❤


I was feeling tired after the long day, but super happy to be in Korea (finally, haha!). While walking from one subway stop to the next platform, I felt a whole new level of appreciation for where I am now--I was floating! I've always dreamt of travelling to experience the beautiful seasons we don't have here in the Philippines but I just can't afford it then, but now here I am!

Back in Myeongdong and before exiting the subway to my guesthouse, I thought I was just imagining it in between my daydreaming when I heard someone call my name, "Ana!" Haha! It was Eli (a PR friend from way back) and her group of friends trying to find their way back to their place! After showing them my train app, of course di pedeng walang photo ops din, haha!

One day, someday, I have this feeling that I might decide to live in a country just for a while. It can be Korea or Japan, or maybe even someplace new and unfamiliar. Wherever the next adventure is, may I never lose this enthusiasm for life. 

And may I always find time to pray and look back and pay respect to my ancestors (because without them, I am not here today). May I always be open to whatever life is offering in front of me. And may I always choose to be a helping hand first before thinking of my own rest and well-being.

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  1. Kim Bok Jo kung kinikilig ka habang nagbabasa! hahahaha napanood nyu na po ba yung scarlet ryeo? sobrang ganda din sana yun naman next time mapuntahan nyu..hehehe..

  2. Hi, Ms. Ana! When riding buses in Korea, do you have to scan the T-money on your way out? I never scanned out when I was there. I think I still got charged naman. But, like, I saw people who scan their cards whenever they get off the bus. :o

    1. Pwede naman na hindi na. But it's still good practice to tap out, especially when you're transferring to another bus/subway. That way, you get free transfers within 30 mins. (you won't get charged again) or discounted subway fare.

  3. I love this! Kailangan na talaga namin mag ipon mag iina. Matinding ipon dahil apat kami including their Dad. Tingin iiyak mga yon sa tuwa pag makapunta kami sa Korea. 😍 @edrielaigne_16

  4. Hi po Ms. Ana! ^_^ Sana matour nyo rin po yung mga sites kung saan nila sino-shoot some of the historical dramas! :D I am always excited whenever I read your South Korea blogs, especially the Kdrama tours you do. I will also follow your Kdrama tours in the future pag nakapunta na ako ng Korea haha More power to you <3


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