Long-Overdue Root Canal + My Affinity Dental Clinic Makati Experience!

Monday, April 16, 2018

It's my third visit in Affinity Dental Clinic, the first was in Alabang for my first ever teeth whitening (na super effective!), and the second was already in Makati for consultation with a tooth problem I've been dealing with for I think two years now (kids, wag ako gayahin, haha). I felt a huge hole on my far end tooth, I think a result of my wisdom tooth extraction. Hinayaan ko nalang sya because hindi naman sumasakit. But I realized now that the worst pain I ever experienced is when my tooth aches, hindi talaga ako nakaka tulog. I should not wait for this to happen before addressing a tooth concern!

Anyway, I went back to the clinic last week before my long trip. My dentist Dra. KC said that I needed a root canal. Prior this appointment, my mom was already warning me of the pain from this kind of treatment. But with my experience with Dra. KC and Affinity Dental Clinic in Makati, there were no discomforts!!  

But before that, here's a little tour of the Affinity Dental Clinic in Makati. Took so much pics because #aesthetics, haha! It is similar with the beautiful Alabang branch, but a bit bigger. What I noticed is super maaliwalas yung lobby, kung pede mag OOTD ginawa ko na hahaha. Comfortable mag wait, and no anxieties which I usually feel when I enter a dental clinic. It looks like a hotel, from the modern decors down to their restroom! It's very luxurious!

The pretty and very accommodating dentists and staff of Affinity Dental Clinic in Makati! 

Inside the restroom, which is so spacious and hotel-ish:

They even have a VIP waiting room:

Here are some of the rooms in the clinic:

This little nook for kids is under the sea themed and so cute!!

Art works on display in the very clean and white corridors:

They even have their own Xray room in the clinic!

Here's where I had my check-up and root canal. I love that you can choose which movie to watch (they have Netflix hehehe) and everything's always clean!

My gosh, the treatment took more than an hour pero sobrang linis and (if I may say) pain-free! Btw, here's what root canal is according to Wikipedia:

"a treatment sequence for the infected pulp of a tooth which results in the elimination of infection and the protection of the decontaminated tooth from future microbialinvasion." 

 My affected tooth as seen on the Xray:

Dra. KC explained everything to me before, during, and after the treatment. She was also very open when I had questions such as anong bawal kainin (wala naman, but iwas hot food and eating 30 minutes after treatment), dos and donts, and if there are limitations after especially since I'll be traveling right after. I even received post-treatment reseta in case I experience a tooth ache, plus who to contact in case I encounter any problem.

Anyway, I will be back after my trip for the second round of the treatment, but so far the only pain I encountered was during my flight take-off (which was weird!). But before and after that, all good naman. :)

Thank you so much Affinity Dental Clinic Makati for taking care of my teeth, and for the successful super long-overdue root canal treatment! Promise I will take care of my teeth na from now on! :)

Affinity Dental Clinics Makati is located in:
2nd Floor, Plaza 100, 100 V.A. Rufino St.,
Legaspi Village, Makati

For more information, follow them on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM @affinitydentalclinics.


  1. It looks like I will be going also to Affinity Dental Clinic. I love to go to a clinic with so much pampering from kind and beautiful makati dentists.

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