"Price should never be a barrier in chasing your own personal thrills!"

Sunday, April 15, 2018

You all know that I am big on hostels. It's not because I hate luxury hotels, in fact, I do love them but I just don't have the personal budget for them pa. But this doesn't mean I cannot enjoy traveling, I have other options without breaking the bank. Thank God for hostels and guest houses and even dormitories, I can explore my dream destinations at a good price! 

I remembered this tidbit about me during Mountain Dew's event last April 13 at the 55 Events Place in QC. 

"Price should never be a barrier in chasing your own personal thrills,” says Katrina Paras, Flavors Marketing Manager of PepsiCo. "Whether it’s extreme sports, gaming, vlogging, or anything, as long as it gives you a thrilling, exhilarating experience, then you should CHASE IT." I think my quest to see Korea in all four seasons and its different cities is my own Lupit Sa Sulit story. Imagine getting able to see these places and experience these seasons, but only spend Php 500 - 900 per night for my accommodation! Haha! Lupit!

Anyway, sharing pictures from this fun event! I got to spend time with new and old friends from the world wide web, meet the new #DewIdol James Reid, and also try the new #LupitSaSulit Php 8 for 8 oz Mountain Dew glass bottle! Ang sarap nya, and grabe yung 8 pesos lang sha!!!

With my bff in budget traveling Paxieness!

Some of the guests took the risk and shot some hoops to won the cool prizes from Mountain Dew (including Instax, powerbanks, etc.)

Even James Reid played with us! He has a cool guy vibe IRL huhu.

The other Dew Idols were also present during the event:

Ahhhh I am in love with Pamela Swing, she's the most hyper, makulit, but super down to earth vlogger!!! 

A toast with the new Mountain Dew 8oz!

Eto ang pinaka malupit! Kuya John won a Nintendo Switch during the raffle! Akkk, congrats!!!

...AND Ruth won a FITBIT while Rodel won a DRONE!!! LUPIT SA SULIT! Hahaha!

What a fun event, thank you Mountain Dew!

Do you have your own SULIT stories that you are most proud of? Are these UKAY branded finds? More budget travel tips? Share them online with the hashtag #LupitSaSulit!

The new Mountain Dew Idol is now available in all-sari sari stores for Php 8 SRP. Visit for more information!

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