Shopee Korean Shopping List! (Kdrama, Kpop, K-Beauty, etc)

Thursday, May 03, 2018

My oh my, this addiction for online shopping has gone wild since I got home from my trips!

First of all, ANG INIT! I cannot take the heat when going out just to buy stuff so I resort to online shopping. Second, I don't have the time to browse real stores (sadly!!!) so dinadaan ko lahat sa apps and sites on my phone whenever I am commuting or before going to bed. And third, TRAFFIC. I would rather stay at home!

Anyway, one of my shopping apps na humahaba na ang wishlist is Shopee! I love that they have almost anything and everything that I can think of, and at super low price at that! It's almost as if I shopped in Divisoria na! They even have free shipping and wholesale promos on some shops and selected items! Download their app to see what I am talking about (available for both Apple and Google stores).

Sharing below some of Korea and semi-Korea related Shopee wishlist! I was surprised that they have most of my must-have items, and even more.

See anything that you also wanted?

1) BTS V Silver Earrings 

Something trendy that I wanted to try, best part is it is priced at Php 60 only so hindi sayang if di ko mapanindigan hehe!

2) Bucket hats that are very Dara / K-Fashion! 

Not only a cute accessory for this summer, but also protects your hair and face from the harsh sun! I love bucket hats!

3) Heart lamp from Kdrama I Am Not A Robot!

Best invention ever, haha! Will not get over this Kdrama quickly, and I love that Shopee carries a copy of the cute heart lamp already.

4) Silver MEDIUM SM Travel Basic luggage. 

To match my small one, perfect for my next trips! Best part is it is 52% off in Shopee!!

5) BLK Cosmetics' new K-Beauty Starter Kit!

Got a few pieces from this collection, and I think I will need more! This starter kit comes with a cute box and stickers.

6) BT21 patches for your jacket, bag, etc! 

These are so cute! Also a chance to get creative again, patches are so versatile!

7) Black faux leather fanny pack.

For that Korean street style OOTD. They are also very trendy bags for the past months, so yey for affordable versions in Shopee!

8) All things cherry blossoms, from SEEDS (!) to packagings.. 

Reminder of my spring trip last month. I wonder if the seed will actually grow in our climate, though! 😅

9) They have authentic BT21 Tata Pillow!

I know it's hard to get legit BT21 merch, so yey that there are Shopee sellers that resell them from Korea!

10) Penguin plushies from Kdrama While You Were Sleeping! 

I have the flat one in Miniso and have been overusing it especially when I bring a pillow on my travels. Hindi makakaila na it's mine, haha so cute and unique! I'd love to have the stuffed toy version but medyo mahirap makahanap sa stores, so I was surprised to see it in Shopee!

If you're shopping in Shopee for the first time, here's my Php 80 promo code that you can use for a minimum of Php 400 order! If you're also getting something from my wishlist, do let me know if they're worth it! 

For more updates on Shopee promos and new offers, follow them online:

Happy Shopping!

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  1. Heart lamp from Kdrama I Am Not A Robot! I WANT THIS!! HOW TO BUY??


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