Unedited Sample Photos From Asus Zenfone 5Q (aka Asus Zenfone Selfie) + Review

Friday, May 04, 2018

Much has already been said about the Asus Zenfone 5Q, and so through this post, I can only prove why this Php 16,995 smartphone is a MUST for me especially whenever I travel solo!

Here's a quick unboxing I did on my Instagram stories a few days ago:

I thought I was able to save my Instagram stories, but I think some parts of the video got corrupted?? .. Huhu! So anyway, I am posting here some still shots of the phone + a few tech info I also read up about it online.

Here's what's inside the box of a Zenfone 5Q. Box is just white with the usual Asus logo discreetly embossed in silver. Very classy. I got the color Midnight Black, which looks like reflective midnight blue in real life (but must be because my room is blue, hehe). It already comes with the usual compatible earphones and charger cord and outlet, plus the sim card pin. I am an iPhone user so getting a clear case with the phone was a really nice surprise for me! I decided to customize it as soon as I got it.

What this phone is proud of / aka the HIGHLIGHT! : 

The Asus Zenfone 5Q has QUAD (four) CAMERAS! Two 16MP main rear cameras, and another two 20MP selfie cameras. This phone also features front and back 120 Ultra Wide View. This is good for taking wider shots or viewing wide videos / games!

Unlock options for the Zenfone 5Q includes Fast Face Unlock, Human Authentication, and what I am using now: the quick .3s Fingerprint Unlock! It can even recognize damp fingerprint!

On the sides:

It has the usual volume control and the power switch conveniently located on the right, and the "barely there" 2 sim cards and 1 MicroSD card slots on the left.

The more the merrier! This Zenfone can accommodate two sim cards, and has an extra slot for extra memory storage:

Photo taken from Asus' web page:

On the top of the phone is the 3.5mm jack for the standard earphones:

It still uses same cord charger as my Asus power bank (USB Type C), thank God, plus it has the usual speakers also on the bottom part of the phone:

Pretty much this phone is longer than my current phone, it won't fit a small purse. Weight-wise, it doesn't make any difference. It is also easy to navigate albeit the larger frame, not an issue for me.

Size comparison with my current phone, an iPhone 7:

How it feels with one hand. Also, this is how the interface looks like when I opened it (including the cute pastels wallpaper!). Very young and hip! It also doesn't have buttons on the screen na, making it look extra sleek and techie. You just have to swipe from the bottom to show the home and back options, and the upper part of the screen for other shortcuts including the wifi, flashlight, calculator, bluetooth, etc.

Also, I really like its wide screen 18:9 feature mainly for photo purposes. I think it's a better alternative to taking 360 or panoramic shots, with just one tap on wide feature from the camera, I can already capture more of the view or take a wefie without much effort! 

And with that, sharing the photos I took with the phone during labor day, when my fam went to our ancestral town in Batangas for our yearly Alay.

First take with just the normal selfie mode, impressed already!

Tried the portrait mode and it blurs the background, amazing! It's as if it's taken with DSLR! Also, this is not yet in Beauty Mode but nakaka anti-hulas sya! Haha!

Unedited outdoor photo, you can see the consistency of colors and details:

Using the wefie mode this time with 18:9 frame, and look how I effortlessly captured everyone in the car! I don't even have to all-out stretch out my arms to take this picture with all my pamangkins!

I love Zenfone 5Q's landscape mode for both indoors and outdoors during daytime:

We arrived in the mini chapel at around 5:00pm already. My family do this yearly every May 1, way back when my lola is still alive. We open the alay day (it proceeds for the rest of the month with different family sponsors daily), and the usual program is praying the rosary, praise songs, flower offering, and then pakain right after.

I was able to capture the whole chapel from where I was seated. Sadly, there were lesser attendees as the years pass by. Hopefully we keep this tradition alive, and instil this even to the younger people!

By sunset, the lighting of photos were a bit dark, and photo not as sharp as earlier. This part was when we gave away snacks and treats to the kids who attended the alay. 

Closeup shots are still okay for me!

Rear camera during sunset:

Love the sunset in the Philippines! Colors still beautifully captured by the phone:

My Verdict: 

The phone is a mid-range level phone for me! At its price Php 16,995, it has a very glamorous look and luxurious feel, plus the camera features are very impressive, especially in well-lighted places! I love the Ultra Wide Angle option 18:9 as it is the best alternative for wide shots. I can imagine using this for my solo travels where I can take a selfie with a background of where I am, and not just my face on the screen! Haha! Best part is, at the end of the day my battery is still at 61%! This is after using the camera again and again! Zenfone 5Q has 3300mAh battery life which explains why. I wonder if I can use this phone without bringing a power bank na, haha!

For more information about ASUS Philippines, visit:

Twitter and Instagram: @asusPH

You can read more about the Zenfone 5Q here:

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