"HOCANCE": Staycation + Pax's Birthday Celebration!

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

I recently watched DaraTV and learned a new term for staycation which is "HOCANCE". According to Dara, Koreans use this to shorten Hotel + Vacance (or Vacation?). After all the travels, I was inspired from her vlog to have a real vacation just here in the city, with no itineraries but just to rest and enjoy the whole afternoon!

Sabi nga nila, I need a vacation from this vacation!

Last weekend, Pax invited me and our blog friends to her party in a bar in Quezon City. As a south kid, I always go home earlier and miss out on a lot of late-night happenings from my friends because I always fear commuting home after midnight. Just so I can enjoy this rare night out, I decided to book a room! So finally, it's also the perfect time to enjoy an afternoon of Me-Time. I ended up staying in Zen Rooms Millenia in Ortigas. Let me show you around my room! 

I booked a Studio Twin Room so my friend Ava can also crash in after the party. Since it's a budget hotel chain, I have zero expectations as long as I have a place to stay.

But when I entered my room for the night, it's so comfortable and clean in my standards! Not bad at all for its rate of just Php 1903 / night!

Upon entering, the toilet / shower room is just on the left. I am so used to the guest house life that when they call an accommodation as "budget", it meant having common comfort room with the other guests. But with Zen Rooms, you have an affordable room AND your own restroom! It felt like a luxury to me already.

It also has the usual full-length mirror, a dresser table with mirror, and a cupboard area with mini refrigerator and cabinets. Everything I needed at that time, minus the food hehe! I also had a lovely view of the city.

This is the restroom. It has one roll of toilet paper, a tabo which is very Pinoy, a hot-cold shower, and a bath towel. They did not provide us with toiletries, but I was prepared naman and had no problems with that. You can also purchase small shampoo bottle, soap, etc. in nearby convenience stores.

Towels are also provided:

1) Very affordable room with your own restroom.
2) Rooms are very spacious!
3) Free WiFi.
4) Free use of gym and pool.
5) Near convenience stores and restos. Malls like Shang, Estancia, and Megamall are walkable.
6) Clean, air conditioned room.

1) No toiletries were provided. 
2) Kumot is a bit thin I had to get up freezing in the middle of the night to lower the AC. 
3) Minor restroom boo boo in the middle of the night. Ava had hot shower but the drainage was so bad, water didn't go down so I had to shower outside the shower area which turned out to be clogged as well. Whole restroom was flooded the whole night haha! When I asked for help the next day, the receptionist took action right away and problem was solved in less than 30 minutes! Thank you!

I had so much plans listed for the afternoon since Pax's party is still at 10pm. Gusto ko pa mag spa, malling, eat out... But once I was settled in the room, ayaw ko na pala lumabas! Haha! I decided to just maximize my alone time, and brought out the pamper products from Watsons that I packed with me. I brought most of my stuff in my new Travelon bag and travel pouch. 

It's just an overnight stay, but I had so much stuff with me! Haha! Akala mo nasa byahe ako! 


Went to a Watsons event last week in SM Aura where I learned about their new campaign "Make Time for #MeTime". Watsons support this self-care philosophy by providing wide product range for skin, beauty, hair, and health.

During the event, hardworking and inspiring ladies had a short talk on how they spend their me-time. My takeaway for the whole afternoon came from Ponds girl Ms. Apples Aberin: 

"If I don't take care of myself, I won't be my best self for others". 

Went to the event with Ava. First time to see her again since my Euro trip!

Vern and Verniece Enciso for Creamsilk, Raiza Contawi for Palmolive Expertique, Shamcey Supsup for Celeteque, and Apples Aberin for Ponds:

What are your favorite Watsons brands?

Thank you Neutrogena for my Deep Clean facial cleanser set! I love the acne control variant and brought it with my during my hocance!


I just had to attend the launch of Travelon's first ever store in the world! And it happens to be in SM Megamall Fashion Hall!

Is this a key indicator that more Filipinos are now really into traveling? I know it's already a fact with all the wanderlust Instagram photos uploaded weekly, but what I didn't realize is that traveling is already so BIG in our country that a travel brand since 1978 will open their first stand-alone store here in Manila!

Travelon is best known for their premium anti-theft bags. With their own store, there are even more varieties and styles to choose from. Each of their bags are equipped with anti-theft features which include cut-proof straps, slash-proof fabrics, locking zippers and carabiners, and an RFID-blocking technology

After all my travels, I realized that stylish traveling is cool. BUT traveling with peace of mind and security is the best! Travelon is committed to make Travel Easier and Safer. It doesn't hurt that they have stylish backpack and fanny packs too!

To know more about Travelon, follow us on FB: TravelonPhilippines and IG: Travelonph.

 Now back to my hocance....

So I just spent the whole afternoon watching Youtube videos of my local faves inside my room. I was so inspired that I also filmed a few inside my room, haha! Practice-practice mag vlog, hehehe.

When I got hungry, I wanted to eat out but then I passed by a 7Eleven after withdrawing from a nearby Metro Bank, and decided to just buy snacks and drinks that I can consume in my room. I had a relaxing time, walang distorbo, that when my friends arrived at around 8pm for pre-party dinner, I was already so energized!

Just next to our hotel building (btw Zen Room Ortigas is inside Goldland Millenia Suites) is a Korean restaurant called Jang Ga Nae! Sakto sobrang craving ako for Korean food! I met up with Ava and Tracy here for a hot and heavy dinner bago kami sumabak sa inuman, lol. Ang sarap nya! ❤ 

Pax's birthday is in 5YNCO Bar in Quezon City. Paul came in a few minutes after we arrived. Aside from us her blog friends, we were also with her cousins and neighbors. Ang saya that night! It has been a while since I went out ng ganung oras, had too much to drink (wag ako hamunin, har har), and went "home" before sunrise! WAAAH nakaka millennial! Hahahah!

Nakaka miss! We had a phase in our blogging life where we always go out, drink, and even go to videoke bars every weekend, haha! Kaya naging "Clingies" ang barkada name namin!! We were always together before.

Since I am still on a travel break (still waiting for colder months before flying again), I hope that I get to have more staycations or even just small trips around the city. If you're looking into staying in Zen Rooms, you can use my promo code ZENVIPANAGON to take 15% off your total bill. Budget na nga, may discount pa! Hehe! They also have branches in Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and even Brazil! Visit to check the locations and rates.

At eto na talaga hahaha! Please don't be too harsh on me hahaha... I am ending this post with my first attempt to VLOG outside my Instagram Stories! Hahaha! Have a great week!

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