Simple Steps To Help You Achieve Glass Skin

Friday, August 24, 2018

"Glass Skin" equates to poreless, dewy, translucent, and even healthy skin. It's no wonder why a lot are going gaga just to achieve it! I first heard about Glass Skin from Koreans I think almost a year ago. Amidst all the clamor for anything matte (lips, face, etc), here is a look that finally made me appreciate my oily skin. The key here is to look more natural and effortless.

There are several ways to fake glass skin through makeup, but I learned from yesterday's events that when you take care of your skin, Glass Skin becomes effortless! I am thinking of writing a separate post on how to achieve glass skin with makeup since I did need to cheat a little a little help for having uneven skin tone and acne marks. But for now, the base is important so let's focus on skincare!

I have a personal routine I am trying out for over a week now, but I've acquired new products from TWO events I attended yesterday that, coincidentally, are both about ACHIEVING GLASS SKIN! They are both brands that are already TRIED AND TESTED and RELIABLE and even CULT FAVES, but I have yet to try them out and testify on them myself.

Will you join me in this challenge?


We've heard this too many times, but to me it's the most crucial. Thoroughly cleanse the face first from makeup, heavy duty sunscreen, and other oil-based dirt and grime. You can use oil, balm, micellar water, or Cetaphil's Gentle Skin Cleansing Cloths. These are especially formulated for sensitive skin to remove dirt and makeup without irritation.

Then we go to the usual facial foam cleanser, using either liquid or a bar of soap. Cetaphil has both Gentle Skin Cleanser and Gentle Antibacterial Bar variants that won't harm your skin, but will do the job.


We usually use so much products for our routine, but during yesterday's event with Sarah Lahbati, she said that she uses her Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion for both toning and moisturizing. I love my toners so I suggest that you spritz a little on your face before the moisturizing part. They say that toners help your skin absorb the products more so they will work more effectively.

Celebrity Sarah Lahbati doing a glass skin skincare and makeup demo during yesterday's event in SM Makati:


Need that extra boost? Super charged sheet masks are the quickest and most effective skincare regimen for me! Leaders, a Korean brand developed by top dermatologists in their country, is finally back here in Manila and soon will be available in Watsons, SM, etc. During yesterday's launch, I learned the nitty gritty details on how they created each Leaders sheet mask and variant--down to the cotton used for the mask, it has science!!

Moisture test proves that Leaders sheet mask give 50.58% added hydration to the skin with just one use!

On the spot demonstration of Leaders sheet mask versus another brand. The model approves of Leaders' size and adhesion to the face. 


I am excited to try this and hope it will be a good alternative to my current brand! The Cetaphil Sun Light Gel, like their other products, is lightweight and formulated for sensitive skin but with very high protection. It has a very good SPF 50+, water resistant, and fragrance-free. Make sure to use SPF before heading out daily at sayang naman all the skincare investments and efforts if you don't protect yourself against the sun!

Follow Cetaphil Philippines and Leaders Philippines for more updates about these brands! ❤

I know it's still a case to case basis when it comes to skincare since we all have different skin types, conditions, and lifestyle, but the end goal here is that we take care of ourselves more so we can achieve not only our skin goals--but also a healthier body. Sleep early, drink lots of water, take in more good foods like fruits and vegetables, exercise regularly, and of course take care of your skin with a routine that you will truly follow daily. These are all basic stuff that I myself tend to either forget or tamad na tamad ako after a long day, haha! But for the sake of achieving that glow, I think they're worth it!

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