BTS of My Mimi Shop Makeover Experience! (More Photos, Conversations, Etc.)

Monday, September 03, 2018

Let me take you back to the night before the shoot day.

I was keeping everything to myself. I tried so hard not to post too much information online partly because we might not be allowed to post yet, and also partly because I still can't believe this will actually happen to me. And if in case it won't push through, at least hindi ako mapapa hiya haha!

I was back in my hotel room at almost 12mn. Medyo natakot ako na baka hindi ako makatulog agad coz I usually sleep super late as in 3am to 5am. I guess it's a good decision na pinagod ko talaga sarili ko that day para bagsak kaagad sa kama that night. I made sure to take a warm bath so I won't get sick, paid extra attention to my skincare (I don't want unnecessary new pimple when I wake up!), and most importantly to set my phone's alarm on full blast!

The next day, on cue to my alarm, I got up with my game face on. 👊

Sumilip kaagad ako outside the window of my hotel room, and saw the Namsan Tower at a distance. Ang ganda. I conditioned myself that it's going to be a good great day! I felt energized after all the walks from the day before, and buti nalang talaga my call time is not till 12:45pm so waking up at 9am is not too early for me. Sakto lang, naka pahinga and still had enough time to prepare and even eat my breakfast.

Nakatawid pa ako sa CU to buy egg sandwiches and fruits:

I mentioned in my blog post before this that JTBC, the Korean producer for Mimi Shop, asked me to send in photos and answer a questionnaire. Here are some of the photos I emailed to them when they asked for my skincare and makeup.

Nakaka tawa kasi not even HALF of that nadala ko sa show! They just needed my makeup pouch with 5 MAXIMUM products! But I brought everything with me, and with no regrets! I was able to use them while getting ready.

I am not an expert on makeup but I know that red looks good on me. I played it safe and just put on my usual lip and cheek tint.

I was ready in no time, and still had the luxury to lounge and think.

I headed out about 5 minutes before our call time, carrying my cute floral Spacetastic packing cube as my makeup and skincare pouch. Cute kasi para syang naging kikay attache case.

I knew it was our van when two other girls carrying their tripod and camera entered it. I was with other vloggers and grammers from South East Asia where VIU app operates. Our van looks like an artista van, and nakakakilig seeing the special treatment they are giving us. Nakaka Kpop star lang! Best foot forward, I entered the van last with a huge smile on my face.

We had the usual "getting to know you", as we introduced ourselves and what country we're from. I was with Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand. I wanted to talk more just to lessen the tension of where we're heading to, but pretty much the whole ride was quiet. The coordinator from Singapore sat beside me, so I had a little chat with her and was able to ask where the shop is.

"It just a few blocks away from here." Oo nga naman! Haha. They booked us in a conveniently located hotel.

It was drizzling when we got out of the van and ran inside a cafe. It is right next to Mimi Shop, so this cafe is the usual waiting area of all their guests. Inside, I met more people behind the show.

Everything's fast paced from thereon. They offered us our lattes, checked our makeup kits, and covered with black tape all the visible brands from our makeups, our gadgets, and even our clothes. I also met Thailand's social media personality Mhunoi as we were seated on the same table. It's easy to feel comfortable with her, she even made me try a Thai face mist from her kit. We also talked about social media in our own countries. The staff then distributed magnetic IDs with our Korean names, and helped us wear and secure our lapels. We were given last minute instructions, and before we knew it, it was time to go in!

It was drizzling again when we went outside. I heard my co-b/vloggers that it was raining, but I was sporting a cap so it did not affect me that much. Instead, I was screaming inside! This is it! This is it! I was trying so hard to contain my fan-girling feels while trying to film the whole experience with my Instagram story.

We walked side by side to the shop, and although onscreen it seemed like we were alone, I can see everyone at a distance. All the camera crew with their huge tripods, far in front of us standing in close proximity to the shop's entrance. I can hear the drone circling right above us. I see the fans right behind the camera crew with their phones up waiting for us to open the door to the shop.

We were instructed to linger a bit outside before getting in, so I took a selfie as shown above. Mhunoi from Thailand was calling me for a group shot while I was on my Instagram Stories. Nagkaka gulo na kami lahat at may kanya kanya nang cameras and documentation! Haha!

Then we walked inside and heard it, the lines I've heard so many times in the show!

"Annyeonghaseyo! Welcome toooo... Mimi Shop!"

And right in front of me is the whole cast of the show! I can't believe it, I was spazzing the whole time! "AHHHHH!!!!!" check my Instagram stories from this day ang ingay ko haha!

A cute blonde guy, Winner's Yoon, handed each of us a small bouquet of flowers which I kept with me till now that it's all dried up on a desk in my room!

Sandara Park aka Dara aka the Pambansang Krung Krung aka my style icon lead us to the receiving area. If you want to see more pictures of Mimi Shop (a mini tour + location details), I blogged about it HERE.

Cheer up! Cheer up!

Dara showed to us the English menu of Mimi Shop. She's so cute and entertaining!

Yoon asked us if we want anything to drink, and I picked his recommendation (a traditional Korean rice drink called sikhye).

They also made us answer a form where we get to analyze our skin conditions and makeover preferences.

Then it's time for a Mimi Shop tour! Before proceeding, Korean model Jin Kyung noticed our bags and remembered that they have cute lockers! She offered to store them so we can enjoy our time with no hassles. Tony joked about having lockers with no locks, but we don't have to worry because our bags are too big to fit his pockets! 😜😆

Everyone went with the whole crowd, so I stayed behind with Alicia of Malaysia, Tony, and Dara. I was comfortable with Dara nung inunahan ko na sya ng Tagalog. "Dara kinakabahan ako." Natawa naman sya, hehe!

I think Alicia and I are lucky that we had a longer time with Dara! Dara said that the reception area is her hiding spot. Pag wala pa daw customers, she has a stash of chocolates underneath her desk hehehe. 

She also said that most of the toys on display in the shop are from her collection! Ang cute, now that she mentioned it napansin ko nga na everything's very Dara inside Mimi Shop!

Again, see more of the Mimi Shop tour on THIS post!

Eventually, everyone gathered around the beauty area to start the makeover session. We formed a circle and introduced ourselves one by one--telling the group our name and what we do. Parang recollection! Hehehe.

Tony then asked us, "Who wants to try freckles?" and Anya of Indonesia volunteered. She was immediately transformed by actress Shin So Yul, whom I will now call the master in creating faux freckles! Hehe! After watching the most recent Mimi Shop episodes, I realized that faux freckles is one of their newest makeup project for a magazine shoot where So Yul gave Cheetah a natural look for a change!

Makeup Tip: Use powder instead of pencil to draw the freckles for a more natural effect.

Here's the finished look! 

When the ice finally broke, everyone took turns for their transformation. Each one of us were assigned to a different celebrity. Dara asked who wants to try pineapple hair, and hindi na ako nagpa tumpik tumpik! I raised my hand right away! Hahaha! 👋👋👋

We went to another section of Mimi Shop dedicated for hair dressing. Sabi niya hindi sila usually nag aayos ng hair, at makeup lang talaga the past episodes. I felt so honored!!!

We Kdrama and Kpop fans know this so well, that their celebs are not easy to meet. Hindi yung makaka salubong mo lang basta sa mall like our Filipino celebs. That's why a short moment with Sandara who even styled my hair to her signature 2NE Pineapple hairstyle, sobra sobra pa sa expectations ko ito!

Dara: "Parang first time ko ito." (to create the Pineapple hair for another person)

I may have some of the moments recorded on my Instagram stories, but bulk of it were kept off-cam. Mas comfortable din kasi siyempre yung artist pag hindi lagi may naka tapat na camera. I'll share a few of the conversations that I can remember when Dara was fixing my hair

Small Talks with Dara!

Me: Ate edi marunong ka din dapat mag makeup sa sarili mo? (Syempre Tinagalog ko na sya, and syempre tinawag ko pa syang Ate hahahah out of respect)
Dara: Oo. Nung nag punta ako sa Switzerland ako lang lahat yun. Wala ako kasamang makeup artist.
Me: Wow! (recalling her Instagram posts in Switzerland)

Dara: Mahilig ka din ba sa Kpop?
Me: Maka Kdrama ako Ate. Kdrama girl talaga ako.
Dara: O?
Me: Pinanood ko Ate yun Cheese in the Trap, nung asa Daegu kayo.
Dara: Yun movie? Edi walang subtitle!

Dara: Sino sino na ba mga icons ngayon sa Philippines? (style and beauty)
Me: Sila padin ate, sila Anne Curtis. Hmm... Nadine Lustre...
Dara: Naku wala na talaga akong updates.

Syempre todo photo shoot na ako after the makeover! Hehe!

For our final session, it was our turn to share the beauty trends in our own countries. Ang cool din coz it's Mimi Shop's way to pick-up makeup ideas and inspiration from other parts of the world. Although this part talaga ang pinaka nagpanerbyos sakin! Feeling ko nagkalat ako! Haha!

I have no picture of my pouch and what I brought with me but even though most of the stuff showcased by my fellow social media personalities are high-end brands like NARS or MAC, I made sure that I have almost ALL FILIPINO BRANDS to showcase to them kahit natakpan lang din naman pala yung brands haha. I had my Careline tint, BLK tint, and even my pouch is Spacetastic. 

The Philippine makeup trends that I shared when it was my turn are the "drunk blush" look and the celebrities coming up with their own makeup line or makeup collabs. 
Jin Kyung: "Like Rihanna?" Me: "Yes!" 

Dara asked me kung sino-sino na ang mga artistang may makeup line, so I mentioned names and bigla nyang inask, "Vice Ganda?" Hehehe! Ang galing! 

I was able to try the Melona drink thanks to Yoon who always served us drinks during breaks! He is super cool, and always had a camera with him parang b/vlogger din sya that time! Hehe.

Dara jokingly asked kung "Ilang bottles of San Miguel beer?" before I did the Drunk Blush makeup on her, haha! She's so cute and accommodating, kahit honestly nung una hiyang hiya ako makeupan sya and touch her poreless face!

Me: "Sorry I am not used to putting makeup on another person..."
Dara: "Okay lang yan it's also my first time din to do that (pointing to my hair)"

Awww Dara! Sana mabasa mo to one point in your life hahaha, thank you so much talaga! Salamat!! I know kagulo ako noon but you were so nice!!! I will never forget this talaga!

Dara pretending to be drunk after getting a Drunk Blush so everyone's just laughing! 😄

After the segments, we had free time where we can take selfies, more pictures, and even videos with the celebrities. Kagulo na nito pero ang saya! I made sure to take as much "souvenirs" as I can, and everyone's game with all our photo and video requests! 🙏 

Tony in the middle of all the selfies: "So many hand phones!!"😂😀😆😄
Welcome to the world of social media girls!! Haha!

Before heading out, they even handed us gifts! Hala sobrang nakaka overwhelm na talaga! They are personalized PVC bags (I got Tony's artwork), a leather clutch, and some Mimi Shop merch. When it was time to say goodbye, I don't want to leave yet! Haha!

Media interview with the girls after our shoot. We all agree on one thing, we did not feel that we're being filmed not only because the cameras are well hidden, but also because these superstars treated us as if we're friends!

With my dear Mhunoi from Thailand. :) Thank you so much for being so friendly and for all your interesting stories!

We had Thai food for dinner with bosses from JTBC and Viu! I wasn't able to take pictures na by this time, but it was also a memorable meal with conversations on social media in our different countries, our favorite Korean dramas, and our experiences inside Mimi Shop!

It's almost a month na since this happened, and I am still not over it and I don't think I'll ever will!! They just released the episode about two days ago (which you can watch here or direct on your VIU app - Mimi Shop Episode 19 Going Global), and it brought me back to that day in Seoul. 

Ang dami kong natutunan from this experience, but I'll share a few takeaways siguro to end this blog with a heart. 

I know sobrang cliche, but I learned to believe in myself more after that experience. Nag muni muni ako when I got back in my hotel room after everything and iniisip ko na grabe ang daming mas deserving sa akin na mas magagaling or malalaking social media personalities, but my friends and even my Instagram followers made me feel otherwise. Sobrang swerte ko sa support nyo. My best friend said that I won't even be there if it's not meant for me. I ended the night just feeling extra grateful na bilog ang bola--we all have equal chances in this world. So keep on working hard and just hold on to those dreams no matter how impossible they may seem now. 

Sandara Park just fixed my hair in a beauty shop in Seoul....anything is possible dudes!!!!



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