Lessons from Kdrama My ID Is Gangnam Beauty

Monday, September 17, 2018

I just finished watching the final episode of the latest JTBC Kdrama My ID is Gangnam Beauty starring Im Soo-hyang (Kang Mi Rae) and Astro's Cha Eun-woo (Do Kyung Suk).

The drama's plot is about a girl who went through full face plastic surgery before entering college, after getting bullied for not fitting society's standards of beauty during her whole childhood. Will this change her life? 

I am sure a lot were able to connect to these characters in one point of their lives. From growing up feeling they are not enough, from caring too much for what others will think, and seeing the things beyond what the eyes can see... Here are some of the lessons I picked up from one of -- if not -- the BEST kdrama of 2018! 

(Spoiler Alert!! Do not go beyond this if you are not yet done with the series!!!)

1) Some people will look at you beyond the physical. Often times they will see you more for your passions, for your talents, and for your personality. You do you!

2) Do not harden even when the world has been cruel to you. Someday someone will appreciate and value you even if you're "too nice". 

I think this struck me the most because it's only now that I'm older did I realize that I can be too apologetic for my actions. Being "too nice" can be seen in two ways--but sometimes I have to standup for my self too. Don't be too apologetic, but always remain kind. I think I am a bit of Kang Mi Rae in this way!

3) We are all the same. We misunderstand a person only to realize that they are also going through difficulties. Even the seemingly perfect girl may just be hiding her insecurities and self doubts.

4) Do not be too conscious, a lot of times people just don't care and have other worries to even take notice of your every move.

5) Sadly, it can be a damned if you do, damned if you don't world. Kang Mi Rae was judged when she did not fit society's standards of beauty, but she was also judged when she got a plastic surgery because she's being "fake".

So I guess the end point is we have no right to judge people based from their looks, and do not be too hard by judging yourself too. We are truly our own worst enemies and critics.

We are not here to grade ourselves based on how pretty or sexy we are (in the shallowest standards). I'd like to think that we get good grades in life based on what's truly in our hearts.

6) I guess it's true: time will heal all wounds. You can replace the bad memories with good--with the right person and at the right time. (SWEETEST SCENE EVER HUHU)

7) Adults commit mistakes too, just like Do Kyung Suk's imperfect parents! Also, lucky are those with families who will love and support you, always. Mi Rae's parents love her so much, even when she disappointed them at first. I always get teary eyed during her dad scenes, you know how much Mi Rae's father adores her.

8) Do not live based on what others will think of you. Follow your heart and what makes you happy, as long as you're not stepping on anyone.

9) No love is ever ordinary. Grabi ito, this speaks so hard for every second leads in all Kdramas! 

10) Jealousy is toxic. Still, one of the best feelings in this world is to be sincerely happy for others. I think this is realest love in its purest form, when you are not getting anything from it but you still feel happy for others' state or achievements.

Ahhh... don't we all still have a lot to learn in life!

I am in love with this Kdrama that I feel that 16 episodes are not enough! Haha! But I am super satisfied with its ending, and seeing Kang Mi Rae's growth as a person. To me, her transformation goes beyond skin deep, and in a way I felt proud to see a strong, loving, and kind girl heal her wounds from the past and live a full and loved life. ❤

Thank you My ID Is Gangnam Beauty cast and crew! What a nice Kdrama that awakened the fan girl in me, haha! I will miss this series (and Kyung Suk's breathtaking face)! Haha! 😂💛 I hope we get to have more new heartwarming series before the year ends!

You can watch the complete episodes with English subtitle of My ID is Gangnam Beauty on Viu Philippines app.


  1. Ang cutie lang talaga ni Cha Eun Woo. I can stare at his face all day and never get tired of it. <3<3<3


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