2019 Fashion Trends: Jumpsuits Are Back!

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Anyone who follows me knows that I love clothes! Over the years, I must have tried out different styles. I really enjoyed all my fashion transitions, from color blocking, boho, donya, normcore, to athleisure. I love experimenting, and I also love that fashion just keeps on returning.

This is definitely starting to happen again. If you click here you will see that jumpsuits, playsuits and boilersuits are all making a comeback!
Great news for me, I quite like them. I have fond memories of wearing my vintage floral jumpsuit a few years back!

But, not everyone is a fan. I think partly because they do not really know how and where to wear them. 
So, with this in mind, I have come up with a few suggestions. Ideas that will help you to select a jumpsuit or playsuit that is right for you.

A playsuit for the beach and sightseeing
A playsuit is a great option for a vacation. They enable you to cover up for the walk to the beach.
This is important. Particularly, when visiting somewhere that does not allow swimwear to be worn in the street, restaurants of shops. 
For example, in Barcelona, Mallorca and Benidorm, in Spain, fines are handed out to women who wear bikinis in the street. You can read about some of these restrictions, here.
A loose fitting playsuit is ideal for these situations. They are normally short and sleeveless, so you can continue to top up your tan while walking to the restaurant, bar or doing a bit of shopping.
If you choose wisely, you can also wear it for sight-seeing. But, it is wise to pack a lightweight jacket or kimono. That way, if the day is not that warm, you will still be able to stay warm.

A jumpsuit for any occasion
Jumpsuits are the more formal cousin of the playsuit. They tend to have long trousers and sleeves. So, you can potentially wear them year round.
There are lots of different cuts available. A closely tailored one could potentially be worn for work. Or, you could buy a generously cut, floaty jumpsuit that would be ideal for wearing for a meal out or as an alternative to a dress.

A boilersuit for active days out
This year, a lot of fashion designers have decided to follow the utility trend. They have designed their jumpsuits to look more like highly stylized boilersuits. That means big pockets, a relatively loose fit and a simple cut. All of which makes a boilersuit the ideal choice for days out that involve activities. 
They are perfect for cycling, hiking, riding and a range of other activities. Provided, that is that you buy one that is loose enough. You need to have plenty of freedom of movement.

I hope you try one or two of my suggestions out. Once you find the perfect jumpsuit for you and realize how versatile they are, you won’t look back. In fact, you are very likely to end up buying more than one.

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  1. Thanks Ms Ana, may natutunan ako. Akala ko same lang lang sila hehe . Uso na nga yan now at bet ko sana kaso medyo chubby ako 😁
    Ganda ng outfit mo, so bagay 👏 Salamat sa tips/new ideas 💗


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