BlackPink Announces Manila Fan Meet! | What Will You Buy In Shopee To Get That Black Ticket?

Sunday, May 19, 2019

I am not sure and I don't wanna know nadin how much I've already spent for fan meetings and concert tickets! When I was younger, I will save up even just for the General Admission section, for obvious reasons. Breathing the same air, seeing and hearing my idol/s in real life, albeit teeny tiny versions, was enough!

When I started earning a bit more, I now make sure to get good seats. Might not be front row, but at least makita ko clearly yung face/s niya or nila, okay na. Range of these "investments" just to see my favorites in the flesh is about Php 8000 to Php 15,000 per show. Medyo nakakalula sa totoo lang, haha! I think the most expensive that I bought is for Nam Joo Hyuk's first Manila fan meeting, not knowing he'll be coming back a 2nd and 3rd time with just Penshoppe purchases for the ticket. 😅

I learned that BlackPink is coming back to Manila this June for a Meet and Greet with Shopee Philippines. Their mechanics to get a ticket is a bit different to just lining up on ticket release dates, you have to make a purchase in their online shopping platform. 

It's a bit similar to fan meeting mechanics in other countries, credits to ms @KringKim:

To thoroughly explain the mechanics since I received a few DMs about it, you have THREE chances of getting 1 out of just a thousand of the seats in Samsung Hall. I hope I get to explain them well, so here goes!

Sure Ticket By Purchasing In YG Shop

Purchase any product at the YG Official Store on Shopee from May 11-25, and use special voucher code “SHOPEEXBP” upon check out to qualify and get an exclusive fan meet pass. One checkout is equivalent to one fan meet pass only.

I tried this earlier and was relieved to see that Ikon albums are back in stock. Unfortunately when I tried to input the voucher code “SHOPEEXBP”, it says that it's already fully redeemed. And so we move on to our second option...

Top Spender Sitewide

Shop via Shopee between May 11 - 25, 2019. Total spend will be CUMULATIVE, meaning, you can purchase separately just as long as they are within May 11-25. Think groceries, your school supplies, or for your gadget upgrades. The minimum accumulated spend is Php4,000 to qualify as a Top Spender.

The 568 Top Shopee spender who registered via will win one fan meet pass each for the event.

The Top 40 out of the 568 Shopee spender will have a chance to go on stage and have autograph with BlackPink Members!

What will I buy for more chances of winning??? :D 


Might as well purchase all the official and unofficial Kpop merch I've been eyeing the past months:


Going to the BlackPink fan meet? Prepare for what you will wear during the fancon! A BlackPink top, these cute badges, and a BlackPink keyring:


This is the time to buy that authentic hammer bong and BlackPink's new album via Shopee's legit sellers.


If you're planning on upgrading or buying a new gadget, then might as well buy them from their official stores in Shopee! I saw that Huawei and Canon are both in the app's Mall section. I am also thinking of getting a new hard drive via Shopee since the last one I got is almost full.

And lastly, I realized that if I am going to buy bulk it will probably be....


Medyo nakakatawa pero sobrang practical! Besides, I've bought several edible stuff via Shopee na before--including mga pang fruit shakes ko (chia seeds, coco sugar), and a big bottle of honey!

The Top 40 out of the 568 Shopee spender will have a chance to go on stage and have autograph with BlackPink Members!

Check out THIS PAGE for more information on the BLACK TICKET.

What I like about shopping high value products in Shopee is that you pay through Shopee, the third party in this transaction, and they won't release your money to the seller without you clicking the  "orders received" button. So if hindi dumating sayo yung order, you can easily refund your payment. Ilang beses narin nangyari sa akin to before kaya guaranteed safe mag shop for me sa Shopee.

Here are some more tips before making big purchases in Shopee:

1) Check reviews - Most product listings have them at the end of the posting. These are from actual buyers so you'll know that what you're getting is authentic, or if the seller delivers fast, or if they deliver items well-packaged, etc.

2) Check PHOTOS in reviews from actual buyers. Most of them post the actual look of the product, and sometimes iba sya from the photo posted by the seller.

3) Weigh if you're ok with waiting for your purchase (overseas) or just shop from sellers within Metro Manila. They have an option to filter out these things. Another recommended filter is to buy from PREFERRED sellers.

4) Check the seller profile to see if they ship FAST or if they take time to deliver their goods.

5) And lastly, make sure to avail Shopee's vouchers! I usually forget that they have these, but sobrang sulit when you apply them to your cart. They have free shipping, free "coins", sellers discount coupons, etc.

Oh and before I forget, the 3rd option to get a ticket for the fan meeting is through:

BlackPink x Shopee banner making contest

Purchase materials via Shopee, and create a poster for the BlackPink fan meeting. There will be three winners for this. The entries will be judged in terms of originality (20%), creativity (40%), content (30%) and virality (10%, # of likes and shares combined).

My personal tip is to add elements of Shopee in your entry, maybe adding a touch of orange (Shopee's color) to your artwork! And second is to use things other than paper and coloring materials--think outside the box and make your banner standout from the rest! Add battery operated fairy lights as borders? Place magazine cut-outs of Jisoo, Lisa, Rosé, and Jennie's faces on top of the banner? I saw these sold in Shopee! And lastly, add a WITTY statement--not too long, but something cute and eye-catching!

Full mechanics for this giveaway HERE.

Good luck, Blinks! I am rooting for all of you!!!


  1. Aside sa blackpink, excited ako sa OOTD mo unnie hahaha syempre sa blog na din. Goodluck unnie! after neto may Park Bogum pa huhhuhu

    1. Thank you so much Albe!!! :D And yes si Park Bogum paaa! :)


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