My Guesthouse Myeongdong Experience (Affordable Private Room In Seoul)

Thursday, June 13, 2019

It's already a known fact that I book hostels, dorms, and guesthouses for my solo trips in Korea. It's not because of preference, but it's just what I can afford at the moment without asking for any sponsors to cover for my personal travels.

It's amazing how a hostel in Korea can go as low as Php 500, and it's already in prime location. Average cost of the bed spaces I've stayed in Seoul is around Php 1000 (inclusive of extra charges). This just proves that Korea travels are more affordable compared to Japan! You can read more about my budget accommodation experiences in Korea in this post.

Through the hostel life, I also discovered so many things about myself. The things that I can endure, and what irks me! It also makes me proud how I can watch over myself, especially when I stay in spaces with minimal privacy.

Now let's go back to that rainy day in Gwangju. I took the bus from U Square, no need to pre-book tickets online as they have available buses I think every hour. This bus goes directly to Seoul's Express Bus Terminal, with one stopover so you can buy snacks and drinks, stretch, or go to the restroom. It is so convenient, my luggage was hidden safe in a compartment--I don't have to think about luggage allowances and restrictions. It makes the I steep fare price worth paying (Php 1200).

For this Seoul trip, I decided to book in a solo room so I can fix my luggage without hassling any roommates. I found Guesthouse Myeongdong 1 in Agoda.

What I like about Guesthouse Myeongdong 1

1) Price. It is very affordable and practical. I booked their "Economy Single Room" for 3 nights, which only costed me more or less Php 3100 (inclusive of charges). That's already a good deal for a private room!

2) Location. Very very good location. Situated in Myeongdong, everything's walking distance from the guesthouse! This includes the popular nightly street food area, the shopping area, ATM and money exchange, the airport bus terminal, and the Myeongdong subway station exit 9 is just a short distance from the hostel's entrance.

Photos of Guesthouse Myeongdong 1 from Agoda. It is right next to Hotel Skypark III. Hilera din sya ng L7 Myeongdong, where I stayed last autumn 2017 with KTO.

Subway is just about a minute away from the guesthouse (Nearest is Exit 9)

The Airport Limousine stop is also walking distance (no need to cross the other side or ride any cab). Super convenient during my flight day back to Manila! Kahit ang dami dami kong bags pauwi, I was comfortable.

They also have my favorite Paris Baguette in the next building, my go-to breakfast bakery in Seoul for their variety of fresh bread selections and good coffee.

3) Extras. I did not expect that they have a kitchen area, but it's an added feature for the convenience of their guests. It has a hot and cold water dispenser so yey for free drinking water during my whole stay, a sink, and basic kitchen stuff like plates and utensils. Not sure, but I think they even have a microwave.

What I don't like about Guesthouse Myeongdong 1

1) Shady. Since it is central and a lot of people just pass by in front of the hostel's entrance, it's a bit scary especially at night. I have to be cautious every time I go home, making sure no one's following me haha! Main door doesn't have locks that you can just go up and down anytime, and second floor reception closes at 11pm so I am not sure if they have any security measures after that. CCTVs wouldn't help you on-the-spot.

Picture of the main entrance I got from their Agoda page:

2) Rusty, steep stairs. Yup there are no elevators, and the reception area is at the second floor. My room is on the third floor, so I carried my luggage aaaall the way up! I am sure they even have a 4th and 5th floor, so kawawa kung doon ka nabook! I almost lost my balance when I first went up with my heavy luggage, at hindi tuloy tuloy yung hawakan sa stairs hindi ko napansin! 😅 Obviously from the photos, madumi din sya and not maintained.

Photo from their Agoda page, this is the doorway to their reception area where you check-in. It closes 11pm.

3) Public Restroom. I might have gotten the private room, but it doesn't have its own shower and toilet, so I still go downstairs or up for my baths. Scary din for me every night I take my bath, and usually I rest first and go to the toilet mga midnight na haha!

Common din yung CR for boys and girls, medyo masikip and hmmm not the dirtiest but not that clean din. May provided namang basic toiletries (body wash and shampoo), but you have to bring your own towel, rubber slippers, and other vanity stuff like toothbrush and toothpaste, facial wash, etc. Also, make sure your door is locked okay! And better if your vanity kit has a mini hook para kahit kulang ang sabitan you can get by.

Alam nyo nasanay na ako since one per floor lang yung CR, everytime may kakatok or try open ng door, sisigaw nako ng "Someone's in here!" or lalakasan ko yung tubig para lang alam nilang may tao hahaha.

Welcome To My Room

Also a picture from Agoda, here's how the hallway to the rooms looks like:

Here's how my Economy Single Room looks like:

Doors use keys, and it is super thin that only one person can go through. Ang galing din naman ng nag design ng place, all spaces were utilized. Right next to the door is a small window (at least I know may ventilation and hindi naman sya naging problem sakin), and then under this window is already my bed:

The beds are also super small, as in manipis. Made for just one person so wag na mag attempt tumakas and mag stay with a friend here ha kahit tag tipid, lol! There's this one time nagulat talaga ako sa alarm ko, at LITERALLY GUMULONG AKO sa sahig! 😂 Natawa nalang ako sa sarili ko! But later on naisip ko buti tinabi ko yung mga posters and albums na pinagbibili ko, kundi uuwi akong luhaan! 😅

To be fair, for such a small room it has its own TV, small ref, and small cabinets -- lahat hindi ko nagamit but thank you parin. And just above my bed is a rod with plastic hangers for my coats and clothes.

The room also has plenty of sockets for charging my gadgets, and the flooring space next to my bed is just enough to open my medium sized luggage.

I have a lot of things to say about my stay here in Guesthouse Myeongdong, from its cleanliness, dubious neighbors that I didn't get to see (or praning lang ako), but all in all pwede na sya if nagtitipid ka talaga. 

Just make sure to be cautious at all times--keep your doors locked at all times, bring your own toiletries if you're OC, etcetera.

Guesthouse Info and Rules! I don't think they still have the entrance locked, as mentioned earlier. Also, I wasn't able to check their iron and laundry area, but yey for that! They also have a fast and free wifi connection.

Shopping every night was easy! Kapag mabigat na yung shopping bags, I can easily drop everything to my room, before heading back again to Myeongdong!

Tuloy ang laban! Haha! I love acquainting myself to Korean brands from cosmetics, cute things, and skincare whenever I am in Myeongdong:

They also have packed Korean foods that I love to take home for my family and closest friends.

Iba din yung laman ng sports stores nila compared here in the Philippines! I love checking out new sneakers or athleisure bags when I am in Seoul

Where to get authentic Kpop albums with posters, and unofficial Korean actor and idol merch? At the Myeongdong Underground! I go here every night, since madali lang for me to exit from the subway to #9 for my hostel. Sobrang convenient!

 My floor situation during my last day. The room served its purpose: It's a private space where I can fix my things without hassling anyone.

Survived 3 nights in this room! Will I stay here again? For the price and location, maybe!

Do you have your own guesthouse stories too? Or do you have other Seoul guesthouse tips for me? Will wait for your suggestions. ❤

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