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Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Autumn is coming! Here are some commonly asked questions I get from those traveling during fall season.

It rained for a day during my November Tokyo trip:

Clear skies and mild temperature during the day, November in Sapporo:

What To Wear During Autumn?

I get questions including "malamig na ba ng October", "what to wear in Korea on November", etc. Honestly, I am still confused myself! 

First is because hindi ako lamigin. When I decide to wear full-on wool coat with extra layers of heat tech garnments underneath, then that means MALAMIG NA MALAMIG na talaga nun! Haha! This usually happens when I travel during winter. But for Autumn (October to early November), I can actually still wear my usual midi or maxi skirts! 😅

Secondly, no brainer: weather changes every year! It's so hard to predict if it's going to be super cold this year, although I already traveled on the same place and at the same month a year or 2 ago. It still varies. A tip is to constantly check your weather app--a few days before your trip when you're packing, AND on the day of your trip before heading out of your room. It's not super-duper accurate, but it's the best guide where you can gauge if you'll need more layers for your outfits.

There's also day in my November Sapporo when it drizzled!

Here's a practical list of stuff that I will pack or wear with on a October-November autumn trip:

(1) Heattech. You can never go wrong with this extra thin layer! There will be days when it's not super cold ("Baguio weather"), but it's still cold. You'll need the extra warmth when it gets windy or when you stroll outdoors at night.

(2) Bring a jacket or coat. This can be your denim jacket, leather jacket, knits, and even long coats. Again, this depends on your tolerance for chilly weather. But during autumn, I seldom see locals in puffer jackets and heavy wool coats--usually they take these out during winter pa. But then again, it's all up to one's individual preferences, style, and needs.

(3) A cap, bucket hat, or any headgear that protects your eyes from the wind, or your hair from always getting on your face. I also just wear a hat or bonnet during light drizzles.

(4) Scarf, face mask, gloves. Again, these accessories will come in handy when you need the extra warmth. You can also buy heat packs in convenience store and place them on your pockets before heading out.

(5) Water resistant bag + passport holder. I experienced autumn rains so make sure to protect your things from getting soaked! You can also bring a small foldable umbrella with you, but I prefer buying one on the spot during my travels.

Where To Go / Things To Do During Autumn?

Of course, although it gets chilly, this is the best time to enjoy the outdoors! For Korea, go to theme parks like Everland where their displays turn autumn themed! Visit Nami Island, and see lanes of maple leaves in oranges, red, and yellows. Or simply go to the nearest park from your hostel!

Same with Japan, I enjoy park visits for the autumn foliage. My favorites are Ueno Park, Shinjuku Gyoen, and Yoyogi Park. Make sure to schedule your Mt. Fuji tour during autumn too! We had a clear visibility of this mountain, and we witnessed beautiful fall colors during our stopovers.

And lastly, make sure to schedule an onsen or jjimjilbang day, a ramen or ramyeun meal, cute cafes hopping, enrol in cooking classes or workshops, and have an art museum day -- activities that you will enjoy even when it's too cold outside!

Personal Favorite Autumn Sites:

1) Shinjuku Gyoen Park
2) Sapporo
3) Nami Island
4) Jeju-do
5) Everland
6) Mt. Fuji Tour

2019 Autumn Tours:

🍁 Gyeongju Autumn/Fall Foliage 1 Day Tour - from Busan (Oct 28~Nov 15)
🍁 Incheon 1 Day Tour from Seoul (Autumn/Fall Foliage Tour Option) (~Nov)
🍁 Korea Autumn/Fall Foliage 1 Day Tour (Seoul ↔ Vicinities, Oct 21~31)
🍁 Korea Autumn/Fall Foliage 1 Day Tour to Mountains & National Parks - from Seoul (Oct 10~Nov 15)
🍁 Naejangsan Mountain Autumn/Fall Foliage & Jeonju Hanok Village 1 Day Tour - from Seoul (Oct 18~Nov 15)

Leaving you with links from my former blog posts that might come in handy:


When all else fails, remember that convenience stores, malls, and night markets are just around the corner in Korea and Japan! It's the perfect excuse to shop a little!
Are you flying for autumn this year? Do you have other questions for your trip? Feel free to comment below and will try my best to answer them! 

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Winter-Autumn Travel Essentials:

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