Why Travel In Hokkaido During Autumn? | My 8 Favorite Hokkaido Autumn Sites and Activities

Saturday, October 19, 2019

Hokkaido is more known as a travel destination during winter season (December to February). For Filipinos, we visit the northern side of Japan to experience the thickest snow, wear our heaviest coats, and participate in snow activities like skiing, snowboarding, and even just to create a snowman and snow angel! 😁

The second popular seasons to visit Hokkaido is Spring-Summer, where you can see fields of flowers in full bloom either in Furano or Biei. Fall is often the least traveled months as people opt to go to main cities like Tokyo or Osaka.

Now, why travel in Hokkaido during Autumn?

1) The trees are on fire! You'll get a better view of autumn sceneries in Hokkaido, compared to usual Japan tourist spots.

2) Perfect weather! It is easier to go around outdoors compared to when you visit during winter. I cannot imagine going to the Unkai Terrace during winter, when grounds are slippery and temperature reaches below zero!

3) Less crowded! Since there are lesser tourists compared to winter--going to Hokkaido during October to November will give you better deals, and lower prices in hotels and airfares since it's off-peak.

4) Lighter luggage! You get to pack lighter compared to winter because you won't need a lot of heavy coats. Also, this means more room for shopping!

5) Colors everywhere! Winter is lovely, but I was able to experience a place in it's true color when I went back to them during autumn. This includes the Blue Pond and the fields of flowers in Bibai--all frozen and gloomy when I last went there early winter.

Meanwhile, sharing the top 8 spots that I enjoyed during our recent trip.

My 8 Favorite Autumn Activities and Spots in Hokkaido:

1) Kokoro no sato JOZAN foot bath - perfect with the cool weather and after a series of walks.

2) Jozankei Farm - Pick and eat fresh apple and prunes straight from the tree, stroll around the beautiful vast garden.

3) Jozankei Nature Luminarie - A unique outdoor light show! I love the play of lights and dramatic music, and seeing rivers and trees illuminated at a distance.

4) Unkai Terrace - My favorite activity from this trip: Seeing the sea of clouds! 

5) Blue Pond - Better view compared to last winter. I love the reflection of autumn trees on the aqua blue pond.

6) Shikisai No Oka - Very picturesque flower fields that we weren't able to witness during winter! Everything's beautiful, like how you see them in photos!

7) Log Hotel The Maplelodge Campfire - Super fun bonding activity with the whole group just outside our hotel! We had games, sprinklers, boiled apples, marshmallows, and hot coffee! One of the memorable nights during our trip.

8) Kan Yasuda Sculpture Museum - Arte Piazza - The perfect balance to our itinerary: to see Japanese art and even meet the international acclaimed artist! Sir Kan Yasuda's concept of art is to enjoy them and not just to look at them.

Are you considering an autumn trip soon? I am sure you'll love it as much as I do!

"Winter is an etching, spring a watercolor, summer an oil painting and autumn a mosaic of them all."  
- Stanley Horowitz

Domo arigatou gozaimasu Hokkaido authorities, JTB, Genki Itani, Hino San, Seino San, and my new friends Abi, Loi, Ngân, Butter, and Chau for making this trip the best that it could ever be! ❤

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