Meeting Van Gogh During My Travels + Van Gogh Alive is Coming To Manila!

Monday, October 21, 2019

People may have different opinions when it comes to art, but I guess that is what art is all about anyway, right?

As for me, I really enjoy seeing a piece of artwork in its different forms, not only the real thing. This also goes for the art that has been really close to my heart since my high school days (year 2000 to 2003, lol I'm old!). Like rereading The Little Prince or The Giving Tree in different phases of my life, my interpretation of Vincent Van Gogh's Starry Night changes through time, and evolves along with my experiences.

I like the thought that a painting moves me. It is definitely the classic masterpiece and artist that I can say I have a special connection to. Maybe Van Gogh's pains, frustrations, and struggles in life are relatable till now. Or maybe it's my first exposure to oil painting when I was young, the embossed colors and the strokes that created the never-ending swirls were captivating.

Anyway, when I heard that Van Gogh Alive is coming to Manila, I couldn't believe it myself! I used to think I have to wait till I get to go to nearby South East Asian countries to see this installation. Sa Facebook videos palang, I find it really magical to see not only Starry Night, but also CafĂ© Terrace at Night, Irises, Almond Blossoms and other Van Gogh paintings in a cool multi-sensory, light show interpretation (of course I haven't been to one so I am not sure if these paintings are included hehe).

The exhibit will only be till December 8 of this year, so I'll definitely book my ticket at the Mind Museum in BGC soonest coz medyo nahihirapan ako with online ticket option!

Ending this post by sharing some of the Van Gogh related attractions I've been to in my travels. I really make sure to make a stop at these sites during my trips, and if I have spare cash, I also get a souvenir or two of (again) "the painting that is closest to my heart". ❤

December 2013, Getty Museum, LA

Irises!! This is my first time to see an original Van Gogh painting!

January 2014, Museum of Modern Art, New York City

Starry Night! ❤ My heart did not only skipped a bit! I think it leaped out and back to give me second chance in life, haha!

December 2016, Van Gogh Inside, Jejudo South Korea

This is an emotional museum trip for me, on my very first solo travel ever! I wasn't expecting an exhibit like this during my visit, so I guess it was all meant to be!

Ang ganda pa ng souvenir shop nila!

I think I teared up a little after seeing this show:

April 2019, L'Atelier Theme Park, Seoul South Korea

My recent Van Gogh exposure! This is also a very beautiful museum to visit, aside from seeing the painting, they even have several play productions about Van Gogh's life (in Korean nga lang, but they have an app that you can listen to on your earphones while simultaneously watching).

A room where you can color some Van Gogh paintings:

This is one of the stages for the play prod. Of course, no videos and photos allowed during the show.

Another amazing thing about this place is that they recreated Van Gogh's paintings for their actual museum cafes!!!

And even have an interpretation of Van Gogh's bedroom!

My Other Favorite Van Gogh Interpretations:

Starry Night x Coldplay's Fly On

Don Mclean's Vincent

Starry Night Dogs series by Aja Trier

On my Van Gogh Wishlist: Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, Tulip Festival, attend a Sip and Gogh class, and go to Van Gogh Alive. :)

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