How To Rebook Cebu Pacific Flights

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

With the recent case of the corona virus, it's harder to plan for the next trip. It saddens me that a spring trip may now be out of the picture, but as they say better safe than sorry! 

I received questions over the past weeks on what one can do with their airline tickets, to cancel and refund, or to rebook? This is still on a case-to-case basis. If your ticket is from a promo fare, then most likely you can't reschedule or refund it. Refundable tickets are risk for an airline, that's why there’s a cost attached to it. 

Meanwhile if it's on regular fare, you can still rebook the ticket on another date but with additional charges. Airline tickets have a set shelf life, and fares fluctuate depending on variables like purchasing window, demand and supply.

I also learned about Cebu Pacific's new CEB Flexi rebooking feature, and thought of sharing it to you as it might be useful for your upcoming trips. This is a good plan B for your travels.

Easier Rebooking with CEB Flexi

CEB Flexi is an add-on that enables travelers to rebook their flights up to two times, and up to (2) hours before departure. CEB Flexi has to be purchased for a minimal fee at the point of booking the flight—and it doesn’t matter whether it’s a promotional fare or a year-long low fare

How Much Does It Cost?

From the usual fixed PHP4,600 rebooking fee for a round-trip flight between the Philippine and any Cebu Pacific destination in Asia for example, travelers simply add-on PHP1,598 to enable rebooking of their flights, resulting to a 65% savings on rebooking fees alone! Travelers need to think about the fare difference, but that can vary depending on the travel date.

How To Avail CEB Flexi?

Rebooking of flights with CEB Flexi can easily be done through the “Manage Booking” section on Cebu Pacific’s website,, or on the official mobile app. 

Now everyjuan has the power to move flights at their convenience – no tickets will ever have to go to waste. For more information on CEB Flexi, visit

Safe travels guys!

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