Holy Week 2020: 5 Beautiful Churches From My Recent Travels

Thursday, April 09, 2020

We celebrate Holy Week differently this year.

No palaspas last Palm Sunday. Masses were held in empty churches broadcasted to thousands of viewers all over the world thanks to Facebook Live. Meanwhile, our yearly Holy Week recollection with The Feast just started earlier today, also via Facebook Live.

And although it's a bit sad that my family (for the first time in decades!) can't go to our annual Visita Iglesia for Holy Thursday, I am also amazed by how technology can at least take us to places without leaving our homes.

I posted a Digital Visita Iglesia yesterday featuring Google Maps's Street View feature, but tonight let me take you to 5 of the beautiful churches I was able to visit during my recent travels. Feel free to add your own favorite churches in the comment box below, have a blessed Holy Week!

Church on the Water, Hokkaido

We visited this minimalist church with wide glass wall on one side, overlooking the snowy world outside--lone white cross standing at the center. I heard some of the girls in the group wanting to hold their wedding here, hehehe! This church is located inside the Hoshino Resorts Tomamu.

Taken during autumn, nighttime

Taken during winter, daytime

Miagao Church, Iloilo

Also known as the Santo Tomas de Villanueva Parish Church, the Miagao Church is located in no other than Miagao, Iloilo! Ang standout sakin while looking at this church is its outside design, sobrang detailed and hindi lang the usual na brick facade! I also learned that it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of our country's Baroque Spanish-era churches.

Built in 1609, the St. Joseph Church in Gasan is located on top of a hill--lending a splendid view of the town and the ocean to its visitors. It has intricate architecture from inside-out, including a unique fan carvings on its ceiling, the main altar adorned with white saints, and beams made of polished coconut shells. Make sure to also check the garden.

 St. Stephen's Basilica, Budapest 

A huge Catholic church, there is a souvenir shop in front where Ate bought stampitas and pendants for pasalubong. We also heard the mass, but it was held on the side and not on the main church. Ang konti ng church goers dito, and noticeable yung mga Pinoy.

Ate and I can actually stay in Prague without buying train cards, except that morning when we decided to visit St. Vitus Cathedral. Located within the Prague Castle Complex, I was so overwhelmed to see this Gothic Roman Catholic church, it's the first time I saw something like it.   Inside of the cathedral are the tombs of many Bohemian kings and Holy Roman Emperors. 

You can rewatch Day 1 of The Feast's Holy Week Recollection here:

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